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April 21, 2003


BodySPace cut, welcome miami, aircrash, organ, soot, mouth, scan, terror
clips, , mamu, mime, mmau, mum, mumm, dancegrid, foofwa d'imobilite,
anthrax, bodygrid, blood, susanna graham, perform, look, anja schmidt,
pull. except pluspart, azure carter, sondheim. no production, no direction
imagework based 3d modeling, morphing, luminance, expanded video, blender
mathematica gimp. sexuality body transform space; space desire transform
curling around. power among virtual real. spaces sex dance expand closure
dissolution. example /^$/ print "if it is not impure impure" /[a]+drug/
does exist pure" /[b]+drug/ still exist" /[c]+drug/ whole still"
/[d]+drug/ turbid leaks" /[e]+drug/ pure descends" /[f]+drug/ heaven
clear" /[g]+drug/ heaven" /[h]+drug/ earth" /[i]+drug/ "movement the
source of /[j]+drug/ moves /[k]+drug/ "the /[l]+drug/ turbid" /[m]+drug/
/[n]+drug/ repeats /[o]+drug/ dirty /[p]+drug/ clean /[q]+drug/ withering
/[r]+drug/ leaks /[s]+drug/ /[t]+drug/ weak /[u]+drug/ wavering /[v]+drug/
weak" /[w]+drug/ wavering" /[x]+drug/ and /[y]+drug/ /[z]+drug/



Humanity Belief in Goodness

Humanity Belief in Goodness will bring all of us into an untimely end as
no one will agree with one what Goodness is or even Belief. I think
Goodness is not hurting but what if one in Humanity is hurting me. I think
we are all in Humanity. Everyone will want to be Good but sometime we
forget we want to be Good and then there are problems. What do we do then.
I think I agree that Mr. Hussein forgot to do Good but when he would think
he would laugh but sometime he would think about being Good. Mr. Bush
thinks all the time I am doing Good and has his Belief. Mr. Hitler from
long ago thinks all the time I am doing Good but he would not eat meat.
Mr. Bush will eat meat. I do not think it is Good to eat meat because I do
not Believe an animal will want that. We cannot ask the animal. If I could
ask the animal I would know.


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