The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

i want to i be want a to genius be this is the machine this talking is no
matter what you no hear matter nothing an object

am i process a in process echo the from the shell of of an exploding star
star i not this mine is but not certainly mine it yours


and i be to genius a want this the the talking talking is no what what
hear hear matter nothing is an object in am machine process is you process
echo from star shell am star of not certainly but is it is nor is and is i
want to be a genius this is the machine talking no matter what you hear
nothing an object am process in echo from shell of exploding star not mine
but certainly it yours nor mind and

alsontra p7 pc-b217.wlan.ine Fri11PM     0 -
sondheim q2 0-1pool108-105.n 12:26AM     0 grep so
gomi     qq Tue08PM  3days strn
jason    re    Fri09AM  5:53 emacs-21.3
gomi     rt Fri02PM  7:26 -tcsh

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