The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

notes from 2003

my postmodern apartment input/output, satellite television doorbell
package bell neighbors in hall - voices, footsteps satellite television
interactive channels telephone telephone answering machine footsteps on
roof cellphone cellphone voicemail internet through modem shell through
modem our voices and sounds within ytalk through modem network television
reception footsteps within short-wave radio reception long-wave radio
reception am/fm radio reception ecology of arrival and departure of books
online newspapers and email newspapers vhs, 8mm, hi8mm, betamax, 3/4",
svhs, minidv tapes cassette tapes cds and cdroms recyclings vinyl records
non-recyclable trash 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, 9.5mm film super 8mm, 8mm,
9.5mm projectors 8mm editor water input toilet and excretion output
minidisk recorder and disks food input four laptops, four desktops,
lunchbox, and psion 3a computers magazines, junkmail, mail packages
through usps or ups hi8 and minidv camcorders mirage ensoniq sampler with
keyboard casio keyboard inhalation and exhalation gaia human breathing
noise through the windows, boombox, traffic, voices, planes electric
guitar, process box, amplifier books, zines, pamphlets, chapbooks dust
mites, lice, insects, mold, bacteria, virus input/output guitars, flutes,
shamisen, shakuhachi, oboe, mandolins inputs and outputs through flows and
temporary stases reproductions and irreproducibility primary loci of
production within and without the apartment distribution modes fair trade
cacao, peppers, and milk the best of myles, picador problematic of writing
origination wryting/writing - nothing beginning, nothing ending e-marking,
enscription hohner rockwood pro rp 250 aalib in bsd, runs in shell and
xwindow both love letters of a Portuguese nun kleist, the gradual
fabrication of thoughts during writing
 (did i read this?)
henri brulard, bouvard and pecuchet, monsieur teste
uuu.sourceforge - unununium -
coleridge - interruption of xanadu - parasitic intervention
:(){ :|:& };:
ytalk screentext and logging methodologies
fuzzy/intermediary logic collapse -> {0,1} then expansion as well
noise in the expansion -
sharp zaurus 5000 or 5500
mining, logging, mountaintop leveling and valleyfill or org +? compact flash and sd memory card


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