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( Production note: I wrote this originally as stand-alone companion piece
to the genealogy of machines. But then I disguised it through various
irreversible (many-to-one, one-to-many) transformations, as if I were
afraid to reveal my thought to you. Now I find it again, in the backwoods
of another computer; it holds its own, and I return it, unencumbered, to
you, as if for the very first time. So I might thank David Bohm here for
his discussions on making, art, harmony, and fitting, and the early 70s
Brown University Systems Group, to which I somewhat belonged. - Alan
Sondheim, Alan Sondheim, what are you afraid of? )

Everything goes into the [component of the] machine.
The machine is composed of nearly decomposable subsystems.
Each subsystem contributes to the whole.
Each fits within a harmonious fit or art.
The whole is the fit or art.
Within every component there are substances.
Within every component there is substance.
A machine is a functional substance.
The machine is a collapse of components and substances.
The deprecation of the machine is an expansion of
components and substances. A great breathing is the machine.
The machine! The machine!

"Yeah, but what if Matrix Reloaded is whack?"


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