The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 14, 2003

leaning into the dark positioning of the world
i watch the biological prosthetics of the body transform
themselves into dark realms and greater props ::
my body becomes propped and held into positions ::
properly :: already the chemicals take over ::
these four pills harbouring within them the soul
of a fifth :: observing the propriety of the body ::
flexing muscles and barnacles :: shafts of limpets ::
roots of mangrove :: the calculus of fading wisdom
| more :: to come < > the harbour propped
against both skin and hair :: these whitened eyes ::
green snakes brown snakes mangrove snakes | less
the loss of it < calcinification > rock-salt and
crystal >> this old world << from every side ::
older age and Earth::Light and loaded with it << All


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