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May 20, 2003

Transmissions and Empires

the following list of representative countries and domains was gathered
from google - the first 100 entries of the (anglicized) country name
filtered to the domain. the british commonwealth has a strong showing; the
u.s. is weak, taking .com, .mil, etc. for granted. some countries divide
among others. google of course is never neutral, and the search was in the
linguistic empire of english.

antarctica		"an", "0"
australia		"au", "92"
belgium			"be", "61"
brazil 			"br", "42"
britain			"uk", "54"
canada 			"ca", "91"
chile			"cl", "73"
china 			"cn", "23"
cocos islands		"cc", "4"
colombia                "co", "49"
east timor		"tp", "4"
egypt                   "eg", "24"
falkland islands	"fk", "22"
fiji			"fj", "30"
finland			"fi", "85"
france			"fr", "66"
gabon 			"ga", "0"
germany                 "de", "79"
greenland 		"gl", "38"
grenada			"gd", "1"
iceland			"is", "62"
india			"in", "12"
iran			"ir", "7"
iraq 			"iq", "0"
israel 			"il", "50"
italy 			"it", "51"
japan 			"jp", "66"
korea 			"kr", "54"
malawi			"mw", "10"
marshall islands 	"mh", "1"
mexico			"mx", "21"
mongolia 		"mn", "25"
new zealand		"nz", "78"
philippines 		"ph", "38"
pitcairn 		"pn", "9"
russia 			"ru", "43"
rwanda			"rw", "7"
saudi arabia		"sa", "8"
slovenia		"si", "69"
somalia			"so", "2"
south africa		"za", "78"
tajikistan		"tj", "3"
tonga                   "to", "16"
united arab emirates	"ae", "28"
united states 		"us", "1"
vatican			"va", "35"
vietnam 		"vn", "16"


***The War Room/The War Ruin***

As the stunted attention-span of the mainstream-media loses focus on the
remains of "Battlefield Iraq" we felt a place was needed to retain the
memories and feelings of anyone affected by war(potentially anyone).

We created this webpage of war and ruin for your input.

Your experience of war from home or abroad/ Your experience of ruin from
home or abroad/ Have you participated in a war?/ Have you participated
in the ruin of a country?/ Have you ever killed?/ Have you been
wounded?/ Have you lived in a ruined country?/ Would you be willing to
sacrifice your life for your country?/ Do you believe that someone who
does not support the head of your country is a traitor?/ Is your country
at peace?/Is your country at war?/ Do you believe suicide bombers are

Alan Sondheim and Simon Mills, 2003

(With thanks to trAce for hosting)


the boy stood on the burning deck
his father brave was dead -
the ship was sinking rapidly -
the chaplain turned and said

sing out, my lad, the tearful strains
will god almighty reach -
it's time to pray and time to die
no longer time to preach -

the boy took heed and left his perch
against the stalwart mast -
and boy and preacher sang to god
the words that were their last -

dear lord bear us to heaven fast -
our worldly cares are passed -


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