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May 25, 2003

The Music

pico ww ./ query="iraq" >> query="marshall
islands" query="greenland" query="Philippines" query="Pitcairn"
query="Somalia" query="Russia" query="Gabon" query="Malawi" query="Britain" query="East Timor" query="mexico" query="america" query="tajikistan" query="india" query="slovenia" query="vatican" query="rwanda" h
query="Saudi Arabia" query="Australia" query="new zealand" query="france" query="grenada" query="iran" query="finland" query="iceland" query="Cocos Islands" query="falkland query="malvinas" query="south africa" query="belgium" query="united arab emirates" query="chile" query="antarctica" sort > zz; zz query="tonga" query="colombia"
query="egypt" grep
france query="germany" query="fiji" | suffix wc ftp
ls rm cd network t w3m index.html eve013.jpg exit startx gap gapi googleapi df
test.gif periphyton.jpg -la ks mx less root Desktop shutdown -h now mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom ep cp baghdad.txt
~/a poem2.txt umount xv "n.Purple Prose 6.tif" tartx setup c /dev pcmcua* *pcmcia*
*card* -r f query="NGO" jjj
sed 's/$/ - /g' man pppd /doc du /var doc .. var lib more bin / home usr dict misc *
proc y mkdir HOWTOS Wearable-HOWTO FAQS text txt /doc/ /mnt/cdrom/ *HOWTO Xinerama-HOWTO log
tmp cache www image tail my su alan xkeycaps
/usr/share/keymaps /usr/ share k* redhat-config-keyboard mozilla b
lynx phil s.txt hello
the ceramic health of
radio maps regional
electronics Health Radio Maps Regional Electronics query="Alan Sondheim" sondheim /mnt/cdorm /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS tt* rpm -i ttfonts-ja* tf ttfonts-z* -u ttype-zh* -e ttfonts-ja ttfonts-zh* ttfonts-zh_CN ttfonts-zh_TW gnome-games* scroll* langphil.txt xt pwd ~/ /home/alan s panix_files .* .bash_profile
/alan/home/ /home/alan/ .bashrc B.blend
.B.blend .cshrc .mozilla /alan/home login ps apropos xkey keyboard kbdconfig showkey setmetamode mv A* AI-Alife-HOWTO WWW-HOWTO Winmodems-and-Linux-HOWTO Laptop-HOWTO
testing one two three
 m* chmod 644 m? m.txt lo 664 kt mu 666 777 panix.html note
utah a README.txt dotnet Visual\ Basic/ notnet licenses results.txt hacks VME-HOWTO Jaz-Drive-HOWTO Mail-Administrator-HOWTO Majordomo-MajorCool-HOWTO MILO-HWTO MILO-HOWTO XFree86-Touch-Screen-HOWTO VPN-HOWTO MIPS-HOWTO IP-Masquerade-HOWTO IPX-HOWTO Intranet-Server-HOWTO Alpha-HOWTO C-C++Beautifier-HOWTO
Commercial-HOWTO Boot Bootdisk-HOWTO ore
Ecology-HOWTO Kodak-Digitalcam-HOWTO BootPrompt-HOWTO AX25-HOWTO HOWTO-HOWTO unalias alias
rm='rm -i' top netstat /tmp rhn_register
RHN_register rhn rhnreg_ks uptodate
up2date mo* default k5p3kt75.slt/ Cache .k*
.galeon sessions galeon .netscape6 plugins .netscape .Trash .xvpics ./ "I regret that I have but life to give for
countr yy yy.htm fg mz; new yy; m back.jpg back3.jpg mz /var/log boot.log.1 message messages mess* touch maillog boot.log secure lastlog last wtmp filter.txt
/dev/hda1 syartx apm ding


The I Work in the Mountains

In and our I work, transform Azure desire Carter into and space I and
transform time; desire In into our space work, time;  Carter folds refolds
refolds manifolds, the constructs manifolds, and constructs deconstructs
deconstructs desire them.  folds my d'Imobilite, work I with transform
Foofwa space d'Imobilite, and time work desire; construct construct labor
field which of all labor desire; against space which and all time movement
In occurs. the former, are there vortices, are strange vortices,
attractors, strange movement attractors, occurs. literal space-time holes
that in activate space-time the that kernel activate in kernel all
attractors In tend the towards latter, 1. the latter, mapped body
attractors is tend mapped towards through 1. cartesian the mappings
manifold; manifold; and it reforms forms what reforms cartesian what
mappings appear against to actually be the geodesics, slopes but of
actually and slopes against energy but curves, gravity a and form the
resistance, together as form gravity a together form resistant Carter
pair. and deploy pair. sight our viewer; Foofwa cited my characteristics
the world unfolding. continuously Now unfolding. I Now will will
characteristics shoot of mountains and salt and flats map lakes through
map manifolds them mountains those salt manifolds flats they bump control
distortions bump the mapping dance distortions body dance will confront
them move move increase have ferocity. object You and have image. this The
object person image. ferocity. The You person will every in way every day.
and This philosophy philosophy spoken written This spoken a language form
eliminated. are What images remains and images trails pictorial traces.
trails The or eliminated. traces. What worlds a dominated of by wonder.
sense falls wonder. and Everything worlds falls are apart dominated
coalesces according schedule.

Blasphemy and Salvation

by perseverance in the custody of Our Lord:by parchment and quill:by spike
and musket:animals!:animals!
The Salvation and Freedom of the Natives
by spike and musket shall guarantee our troth. -
Your mountain is blasphemy unto the Lord. -
Your plain shall convert in truth and not in false demand?
yours by spike and musket ...
holograph burns me across your plain!
How would you define your mountain?
My animals! your language...
by perseverance in the custody of Our Lord calls forth , hungered, making
beneath the , by perseverance in the custody of Our Lord is , by parchment
and quill?
...  animals! on black stone,
are you satisfied with your by perseverance in the custody of Our Lord?
...  animals! on black stone,


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