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May 27, 2003


Nikuko-Dispersion is language independent, programming independent,
context-free, protocol independent. Nikuko-Dispersion is digital-eternal,
infinitely duplicated, the phenomenology of equivalence. The structure of
Nikuko-Dispersion is that of transmissions and receptions, transmittings
and receivings, a structure of residues and flows.

The digital-eternal is no such thing in praxis, therefore no such thing.
Masteries and technologies erode, are forsaken. Every potential well is
statistical at best. There are no ultimate solutions.

Nikuko-Dispersion is Nikuko-Filter, transformations in which the Nikuko
kernel is parasitic, the coloration of flux, just as all avatars are
filters. Someday we will find all entities, processes, continuums, states,
and operators are filters, that the cosmos is a collocation of filters and
jostlings of filters.

Nikuko-Filter adapts to languages, programs, and protocols. Nikuko-Filter
is an adaptation. Filter and Dispersion are equivalent; one is not the
parasitic on the other, nor is one the object to the process of the other.

What holds for Nikuko-Filter, Nikuko-Dispersion, holds for N-Filter,
N-Dispersion, where N is ontologically equivalent and dispersed among
traditional process- and entity-oriented ontologies. These transform-
ations are understood as fundamental to the universe in its entirety.

(Think of Filter-Dispersion, _difilter,_ _difiltering,_ _difiltration._
Any neologism will do.)


Wouldnt it be nice to tell if someone was lieing?
Econemy lie detectors.

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