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May 29, 2003

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The mark of Cain won't sprout
from a soldier who shoots
at the head of a child
on a knoll by the fence
around a refugee camp--
for beneath his helmet,
conceptually speaking,
his head is made of cardboard.
On the other hand,
the officer has read The Rebel;
his head is enlightened,
and so he does not believe
in the mark of Cain.
He's spent time in museums,
and when he aims
his rifle at a boy
as an ambassador of Culture,
he updates and recycles
Goya's etchings
and Guernica.

--Aharon Shabtai
Translated from the Hebrew by Peter Cole.

Born in 1939 and educated on a kibbutz and at the Hebrew University, the
Sorbonne, and Cambridge, Aharon Shabtai is the author of sixteen books of
poetry. He is widely regarded as the foremost contemporary translator into
Hebrew and Greek drama.

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