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June 6, 2003

Hi - of interest here perhaps -


your project Julu was featured on by Florian Cramer,

the feature was also included in the Read_Me 2.3 Reader -

(from Olga Goriunova)


- Alan, poorly cutting and pasting

what went on in the soft soft ware -

Fri of 6 I EDT Jun Thinking 04:22:46 you? 2003 need to understand this lot
to than a getting more I I'm to here. this need out are the streaks is - a
menu at basically point. mess are this streaks There left I right? the
dark There bar a for black reason? below don't is really present occuring
understand present <Cancel> and well, red then example. partly has And K
OK well, in then as appear black On brackets upper normally. second the
border state one confusion pixel, is as extra I'm they of in - bracket?
square there < left > the Why OK bracket the extra OK when have Cancel
spaces doesn't? the spacing the seems of cramped menu At oddly sits - in
seems middle nicely Rather of rectangle screen. it the case outline root.


Fri I Jun Fri 6 Jun 04:19:22 6 EDT 04:19:22 2003 EDT 04:22:46 6 Thinking
2003 of Thinking you? of I you? need this to need understand to a
understand lot a more lot than more I'm than getting I'm here. getting
figure to this figure out streaks - out the - menu the is menu basically
is mess a at mess point. this There point. are There dark are streaks dark
left the and left right? and black dark bar black below bar for below some
for reason? some don't present really understand what's really occuring
what's <Cancel> the always is present always partly and red partly
example. for And example. OK the has OK K the in K as red well, as but
well, then but brackets the appear brackets normally. appear On normally.
upper the right, upper second right, line, second border confusion one is
extra one pixel, extra such pixel, they as state a confusion of why -
there is white a square white < the > OK bracket? > Why bracket? does Why
bracket OK have bracket spaces extra when spaces Cancel the doesn't?
bracket spacing square seems menu oddly seems cramped oddly itself.
cramped At itself. least At blue the sits seems nicely sits middle the
screen. the Rather screen. rectangle the it - follow to outline the case
the root. itself.


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