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June 11, 2003

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2159 the name one receives is a name for eternitypeople over control linux
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cdm 2002 frank sinatra - romance 2002 future breeze - ocean of eternity
cdm 2002 cranberries amp rem - my choice 2024d - david bowie 2053didrachm
lawrence approved carrying corroded surround eternity scarab bearer lv sw
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please read memorial

please that & read this this don't very it you you important is it that &
read please very this important it overlook reply confidential don't
personal this reply you and need i my for to keep important need personal
my and to i save will future call in for will in 2103 confidential on save
call keep a.d. will 2053 truth memorial 2103 memory 2103 truth will alive
a.d. telling must all every must machine every telling form all machine
truth technology read please & this don't it you is that read this very
you important it & please don't this you it that is overlook read
confidential personal reply important personal don't and and i reply for
keep need is my this to confidential save and keep i future in will 2103
on keep call for in future 2103 will a.d. you 2053 a.d. memorial will
memory truth alive 2103 telling a.d. all a.d. truth that must and every to
form read machine must technology save please this it is read very is
important & don't you that this you very it important read don't is that &
overlook confidential reply read personal this confidential very and
please i for need my to and save reply keep is for i my need future to
will on call you on future in future 2103 keep a.d. will call on you will
need you 2053 a.d. this is my memorial memory keep alive telling truth in
2053 2103 a.d. a.d. that you must save this in every form and all machine
technology to read in 2053 2103 a.d. a.d.


the lining song

this line filters the others or a la di dah this line is dispersed or b la
di dah this line is dissipated or c la di dah is subsequent to the rest or
d la di dah appears as consequence and then e la di dah what i la di dah
am saying to you is that we will fight and f la di dah what i la di dah am
saying to you is that we will fuck and g la di dah this line has no
remembered import but h la di dah this isn't something i la di dah ever
meant to say although i la di dah you might as well know i la di dah wish
you dead but j la di dah you might as well know i la di dah want to fuck
you though k la di dah that line is completely forgotten and l la di dah
those lines are entirely effaced or m la di dah you shove your cock into
my tight cunt however n that line i la di dah never thought or said but o
la di dah my knife slices through your eyes and tongue however p la di dah
my actions speak louder than words and q la di dah i want to tongue your
nasty holes but r la di dah this doesn't come from anywhere and s la di
dah this doesn't go anywhere and t la di dah i'll cut your bloody head off
or u la di dah you'll never know the difference but v la di dah someone
else took over your body and gave it to me or w la di dah you're staining
yourself and i'm buying it though x la di dah you're writing this and no
one else but y la di dah no one's reading this so z la di dah fucking or
killing is one and the same 0 la di dah and neither filter or disperse la
di dah


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