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June 30, 2003

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it was a long time ago.
the plane musing on the bacterial sky.
the explosion of the sky.
lights glimmer in the deep valley.

there i told you it would take off.
its wings are festooned with wings.
its propeller festooned with propeller.
garland of ailerons.

there is no pilot in the plane.
the bacterial valley illuminated from within.
the bacterial river.
we are all afraid in our forest america.

pollen negotiates the difficult descent.
pollen encrusted with pollen in dark america.
fear is everywhere and festooned.
it was tomorrow and will be today.

dark forest of forest america.
festooned with explosions in the sky.
festooned a long time ago.
the plane descends bacterial valleys.
the plane ascends bacterial rivers.

lights glimmer above the dark river.
festooned fear in forest america.


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"Language is that dirty little thing that digs its letters and numbers and
spaces into the ground or screen or skull or arm as if gas has coagulated
into insipid crystals of universal meaning."

"This is big nonsense."


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