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July 7, 2003

chant of the final remnant

dispersion a final remnant the final of the covenant of the covenant the
dissipation among its dissipation its b remnant and final remnant fissured
against fissured c forgotten languagings among forgotten attempting
desperately d this covenant itself this against itself purity and purity e
division among attempting division desperately shall which there of which
of f evil - and evil and good and impurity is for such for h no
fornication there g no offspring be no shall be there within inconceivable
within i of annihilation the truth the way such facing j trillions
centigrade of trillions inconceivable temperatures of graphemes k and
losses quark divisibilities and quark facing gluon those l inscriptive
devices all inscriptive alphabets all and alphabets shove you m effaced or
entirely effaced are entirely lines are those lines forever tight cunt my
tight into my cock into your cock shove your you o can testify who can
disciples who and disciples the leaders among n cunt when nothing when p
resolute deity of resolute the praises can sing and q or disappearance
catastrophe or prevent catastrophe shall prevent that not both of not the
shuddering r neither that of neither the wavering on t and understanding
given wisdom been given have been we have we s and and strung-out cold u
all disappearance knife-blade edge the knife-blade justices forgetting
separation forgetting v and matter strung-out energy empty demarcations of
empty codices w - injustices - and injustices of you how impure thinking
how thinking x already fading demarcations already boiling from boiling y
at all none at there's none be there's impure emptied z the soul dark
matters strings dark quarks strings from quarks no untethering
languagings\! the witnesses\! untethering emptied out more\! no more\! no


staying alive - uninterrupted breathing

 b breathing w woodwind s spirit e earth t true
 2 28k v vital b bodily f functions l like h heartbeat, b breathing
 a and b blood m middle e earth s starts w with l light c celtic
 i instrumentation ( (penny b better t than t the
 g guitar/woodwind d duo). t true
 o of s shaman, a appealing t to t the s spirit o of s swan.
 w woodwind i instrument) b based o on u uninterrupted
 b breathing, a a s secret t true
 d disintegrated, a and t the b breathing h has e even k kings,
 o only t through t the a awesome s spirit o of t the
 p playing m music w with s string o or w woodwind i instruments; t these
 a aim t to f form a an o orchestra o of w woodwind, b brass a and
 t the v viniyoga a approach t to y yoga p postures,
 b breathing a and m meditation w will b be t taught r respecting
 t the s spirit o of v viniyoga t true
 d drama a and m music h have t the p power t to h heal t the s spirit,
 t to r reveal
 a and e explore w ways o of t teaching a a f fundamental m matter i in
 w woodwind t teaching - - b breathing. t true
 q quality, p posture, p proper b breathing, d diction, f facial . ...
 t true
 h high b blood p pressure, n negativity,
 f fatigue, b breathing d difficulties, t tension . ...
 p paranoia, i immune s system, s soothing t the s spirit a and n nerves
 s sound - - f flute o or w woodwind. t true
 t the s spirit w within b begins p promisingly e enough, a as . ...
 f forming o ominously a around y you; d dissonant w woodwind s squeak
 l like b but t thats a all t the b breathing s space y you g get
 h her i impulsive s spirit l leads h her t to a an a adventure b beyond
 t the c characters t that p populate o our n new e earth.
 c continuing a adventures o of t this l living, b breathing
 w world a and t true
 f from a ancient e egypt, t this w woodwind i instrument p presumably
 t traveled v view o of t the h heart a and s spirit o of t the
 i in i india, h he l learned c circular b breathing f from t tibetan
 f false b breathing w woodwind s spirit e earth


' weakening consciousness '

... .... ..  .. wr ..wr wr wr wr.. .... ..  .. wr ..wr wr wr wrack ck
ck my my my my.. .... ..  .. my my my my my my br br
br br.. .... ..  .. br br br brain in in wi ..wi wi wi wi.. ....
..  .. wi ..wi wi wi with th th cu cu.. .... ..  .. cu cu cu
curiosity ..ty ty ty .. .... ..  ..  .... .... ..  .. .. .... ..  .. ...
.... ..  .. ... .... ..  .. ri ..ri ri ri ri.. .... ..  .. ri ..ri ri ri
ripples es es in in in in.. .... ..  .. in in in in in
in th th.. .... ..  .. th th th the ..he he he le ..le le le le..
.... ..  .. le ..le le le left ..ft ft ft fr fr fr fr.. .... ..  ..
fr fr fr frontal al al lo ..lo lo lo lo.. .... ..  .. lo ..lo lo
lo lobe be be .. .... ..  ..  .... .... ..  .. .. ... .... ..  .. ...
.... ..  .. we ..we we we we.. .... ..  .. we ..we we we weakening ng
ng an an an an.. .... ..  .. an an an and ..nd nd nd sl sl
sl sl.. .... ..  .. sl sl sl slight ht ht lo ..lo lo lo lo..
.... ..  .. lo loss ss ss of ..of of of of.. .... ..  .. of ..of of
of of ..of of of co co co co.. .... ..  .. co co co
consciousness ss ss .. .... ..  ..  .... .... ..  .. .. .... ..  ..
... .... ..  .. ... .... ..  .. wo ..wo wo wo wo.. .... ..  .. wo working ng ng in in in in.. .... ..  .. in in in in in in th th th th.. .... ..  .. th th th thirty-two ..wo wo wo de de
de de.. .... ..  .. de de de degrees es es .. .... ..  ..  ....
.... ..  .. .. ... .... ..  .. ... .... ..  .. sm sm sm sm.. .... ..
.. sm sm sm smell ..ll ll ll of ..of of of of.. .... ..  .. of ..of
of of of ..of of of th th th th.. .... ..  .. th th th the ..he
he he sa sa sa sa.. .... ..  .. sa sa sa saw-dust, ro ro ro
ro.. .... ..  .. ro ro ro roar ar ar of ..of of of of.. .... ..
.. of ..of of of of ..of of of th th th th.. .... ..  .. th th
th the ..he he he cr cr cr cr.. .... ..  .. cr cr cr crowds ..ds
ds ds .. .... ..  ..  .... .... ..  .. .. ...


True and Sometimes Real Minds

   contemporary thinkers such as Derrida, Foucault and ...
   chapters on: Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber ...
   Husserl, Heidegger, Gadamer, Wittgenstein, Arendt and
   many contemporary thinkers such as Derrida, Foucault
   and chapters on: Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche,
   Weber Husserl, Heidegger, Gadamer, Wittgenstein,
   Arendt and true
   Derrida, Grammatology Derrida, Hegel
   Derrida, Spectres of Smith, Utility Cyril Smith
   Marx  Hegel Wilde, Dialectic
   contradiction Wittgenstein, Lectures Wundt true
   The passages from Saussure, Marx and Freud do
   not I cannot see what Derrida has in common with
   noticed how rarely Russell is quoted compared to
   Wittgenstein? true
   101k Karl Marx (1818-83), social philosopher and
   political The Assualt on Truth: Freud and Child
   such as Feyerabend, Bergson, Wittgenstein,
   Derrida, Lyotard, and so true
   Derrida. A Derrida Reader. [ ] Karl
   Marx. Wages, Price and Profit, pp. BR 115 .E3 W4
   1958 Ludwig Wittgenstein. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.
   Great Books Index: Ludwig Wittgenstein
   Wittgenstein Links(Enlgish for an
   Investigation, From For Marx, by Louis
   to J. Habermas Jacques Derrida Derrida
   Links true
   Jacques Derrida. constituting the object of
   linguistics (comparisons to Marx and Freud
   less speaking ¬ĘSaussure's game of chess¬Ę link
   to Wittgenstein. true
   Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, Freud,
   Wittgenstein, Frankfurt School Kant: Heidegger,
   Arendt, Derrida Lyotardian Feminism of
   Interpretation Marx, Foucault, and true
   30k Saussure Course in General Linguistics
   Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico Strauss,
   Barthes, Freud, Lacan, Derrida, Johnson, Spivak,
   Marx, Althusser, Foucault true
   false Wittgenstein Derrida Marx Freud Levi-Strauss

   False and Unreal Friends

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