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July 9, 2003

Reading at Remote!

Portraits at Other Sides:

Tuesday, July 15th at Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery above 2nd St.  Doors will
open at 7pm, the event will start at 7:30.  There is a $5 cover.

The readers are:

Samuel Delany
Alan Sondheim
Rob Stephenson
Tom Zummer
Ellen Zweig

Portraits From Other Sides:

Rob Stephenson presents an evening of text, sex, video, a philosophical
dog, and maybe robots with Ellen Zweig, Alan Sondheim, Tom Zummer and
special guest Samuel R. Delany.

Remote Lounge is a revolutionary new concept in nightlife entertainment.
Located in downtown Manhattan, it is a technology-themed cocktail lounge
and new media art space unlike anything else in the world. The lounge is
outfitted with over 60 video cameras - covering every square foot of the
space from multiple angles - and this live video is displayed on over 100
output devices, such as CRTs, LCDs, large format plasma screens and video
projectors. Into this mix of live feeds are an ever-changing roster of
digital and analog video artworks, animation, special effects, web-based
art and interactive multimedia created by both emerging and established
new media artists.

Samuel R Delany is a writer and literary critic. Delany is best known for
writing extensively in the mainstream science fiction and fantasy genres.
He has won four Nebula Awards.  The best-selling novel. Dhalgren, has sold
over a million copies.  He is also the author of a number of fictional and
autobiographical works that include references to extreme aspects of human
sexuality.  His most recent novel is The Madman.

Tom Zummer studied philosophy under Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida,
and is an artist and curator.  "Zummer's uncanny portraits of robots are
beautiful and out of this world.  He is also a theorist, book designer,
professor, and comic art novelist, Zummer's artistic talents are as
eclectic as they are numerous."  The Austin Chronicle

Alan Sondheim is a writer/multimedia theorist (editor of Being On Line).
Alan is a poet and critic who writes on and about the Internet.  His books
include Disorders of the Real, and the anthology Being on Line.  He
co-moderates several email lists, including Fiction of Philosophy,
Cybermind, and Cyberculture.  He was also virtual writer-in-residence for
the trAce (sic) online writing community at the beginning of this year; he
worked on a number of collaborative projects at The Lost Project at trAce,
and his trAce projects are collected in their Writers-in-Residence

Ellen Zweig is an artist who works with video, audio, installation and
performance.  Her most recent work is the video series, HEAP, a collection
of experimental portraits of Westerners who have studied, invented,
misunderstood and loved China.  "(tongue tongue stone) G. W. Leibnitz"
premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2003.  In her
installations, Zweig has used optics to create camera obscuras, video
projection devices, and miniature projected illusions.  She has also
created multi-channel video installations that have toured the US (museums
include: New Mexico Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, List Center for the
Visual Arts at MIT, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, P.S. 1 in New York).

Rob Stephenson's writing has been published both on and offline in a wide
variety of publications, recently including the Blithe House Quarterly,
Dangerous Families, Velvet Mafia, Please Records, and Perspectives on Evil
and Human Wickedness.  He designs a continuing series of chapbooks that
feature his poetry, essays, stories, artwork, and photography.  Some of
his short films were shown at the International Film Festival in Seoul
Korea this year.  His drawings have been exhibited at the Intersection Art
Gallery in San Francisco, the Headlands Center for the Arts, the Katona
Museum, and the Wexner Museum.


Some recent work - please add to the War Room if you haven't - Alan


Full internet text at - also see August
Highland's M.A.G.


The Lost Project still running at


.echo available at Alt-X as .pdf download or publish-on-demand

___ - new work - the gorge, fire, core, land,
strike series (some video stills), wall.exe and wallvoid.exe


***The War Room/The War Ruin***

As the stunted attention-span of the mainstream-media loses focus on the
remains of "Battlefield Iraq" we felt a place was needed to retain the
memories and feelings of anyone affected by war(potentially anyone).

We created this webpage of war and ruin for your input.

Your experience of war from home or abroad/ Your experience of ruin from
home or abroad/ Have you participated in a war?/ Have you participated
in the ruin of a country?/ Have you ever killed?/ Have you been
wounded?/ Have you lived in a ruined country?/ Would you be willing to
sacrifice your life for your country?/ Do you believe that someone who
does not support the head of your country is a traitor?/ Is your country
at peace?/Is your country at war?/ Do you believe suicide bombers are

Alan Sondheim and Simon Mills, 2003  (With thanks to trAce for hosting)


Also see nettime archive, Unstable Digest series


What Really Happened in the Wallvoid

Private _ Private _ 1. me!" = 1. "don't = you "don't ever you fuck ever
me!" fuck alone" "leave me "leave alone" me 1. me" with fuck me" with 2.
fuck" fuck" "don't 3. out" squeeze "don't out" me End 1_ "nikuko's = lost
"nikuko's her lost baby!" her "nikuko dropping" "nikuko 1. baby" fucked
"nikuko's baby" fucked dropped "nikuko's "i said "i nikuko's said .
"miscarriage?" "miscarriage?" = nikuko said dead "nikuko's 2_ "not = both
"not and nikuko nikuko" and want "i my want baby my back!" baby "stop =
it!" "stop fucking "stop us!" with "get = out "get of out here!" of "baby
= 1. cunt!" leaves "nikuko cunt!" her 3_ away "get from away "take = cunt"
my in me cock" my to want eat to your eat 1_ "i'd = never "i'd screw never
you!" screw coming "nikuko going" and cunt my back" cunt 2. back!" "you'll
have never me, have any me, get said out!" get "stick = it "stick in!" it
told "i 2_ "everyone = forever" me "you just "you hunger "you for hunger
wanted never anything wanted so anything bad" so can't "you see can't 1_
"(a|a)|(b|b)" = wall "nikuko's flesh" of "fgfgggfgfgfgggfgggfggg"  "f" =
"g" = "fggg" = "fg" = Picture1_ "wall" = you" for "put i you
Timer1_Timer()  Dim As MoveH Dim As MoveH Integer, As MoveV Integer,
MoveH2 Integer, MoveV2 Integer, MoveH3 Integer, MoveV3 Integer, Integer As
If Then 1.Top If > 1.Top Me.ScaleHeight > Then Me.ScaleHeight 0 0= Else
-40= 1.Left If Me.ScaleWidth > 1.Move - 1.Left MoveH, - 2.Top If -60 =
2.Left If -6 = 2.Move MoveV2 MoveH2, - 3.Top If -80 = 3.Left If Else: -8
-8 = 3.Move MoveV3 MoveH3 -


wall void nikuko baby

   and writing of Japan) into the void, so that I
   honey1l has joined channel #cybersex ***
   Nikuko-Pu is now bong, lined up
   against the wall, ping. true
   midst of Jennifer, Julu, Nikuko, and the without
   telling anyone at times - rendering void email lists
   the loft needs a new outer wall, windows need
   of gods judicious juices, then transfers outlined skin
   to wall or bed JENNIFER, NIKUKO, JULU,
   ALAN but i say no no, falling across a tongue and a
   void, 13: it true
   continent, the bay dashed against a wall of granite ...
   package transient new extends public static void instanceof
   this oh oh nikuko you rhyme my riddles full of
   or a clown hangs a mime in the Void Orgy of
   valley personified Julu - Jennifer beneath the sheets
   Nikuko - from Oita the clock on the wall of
   the apartment said true
   perhaps its in the pitmarks of Nikukos face blurred
   The intervention of an interface or wall of
   electric me incomplete, un-whole, There is a void in
   language and writing of Japan) into the void, so that
   honey1l has joined channel #cybersex ***
   Nikuko-Pu is now think, bong, lined up
   against the wall, ping true
   out to Nikuko across the
   void of one 24;1H [1;20r [20;80H ---- -
   Nikuko (#934) 4 image flicker on unplastered
   wall - wildly movement true
   out to Nikuko across the void
   of one 24;1H [1;20r [20;80H ---- - Nikuko (#934)
   4 image flicker on unplastered wall - wildly
   movement true
   over, tongues own, no
   control bite nikukos leaving marks was without
   form , void ; darkness upon face of deep well
   whose branches run over wall archers sorely true


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