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July 11, 2003


Both the my work and the world fundamentally consist of four types of

Limbs - undefined primitives of which nothing more need be said;

Interstitial Limbs - which appear in the midst of others, therefore
possessing multiple borders, cohesions, and lubricants;

Supernumerary Limbs - which appear as extraneous or useless extensions
from interstitial or phantom limbs, therefore breaking with any
conceivable tradition, and suitably protected from external atmospheric
processes or considerations;

And Phantom Limbs - which are ontologically impaired, peripheral, and
largely responsible for inscriptive, cultural, or other manifestations.

Consider among other things, the limbic, limnology, the limen, the
limner. The limb shares the muteness of the penumbra, and is just such an

Examine the world: examine the limb.


phenomenology of thought

piss gushes from my prick; sweat pours from my underarms; spit drips from
my mouth; my body is awash in bacteria and liquidity; tears envelop my
eyes; shit oozes from my asshole; semen cums from my prick; phlegm shoots
from my nose; moist breath pours from my lungs; cells slough from my skin;
scale falls from my lips; dandruff flakes from my hair; scabs tear from my
bites; blood floods from my cuts; nail parings split from my fingers and
toes; hairs grow and disappear < my mind thinks through membranes and
liquids; skeins and flood-plains > < woe to desiccation and starvation;
woe to the rusted machinery of the flood > < already i feel the shifting
of the soaking earth; the relative puckering of the valleys; glacial
withdrawals; the long way towards cessation > < particulate matter and the
expostulation of the machinic > < i remain at a loss among all this
delicacy > :

" piss from gushes piss from gushes my from prick; my sweat prick; pours
sweat underarms; my spit underarms; drips spit mouth; my body my is body
awash is in awash bacteria in and bacteria liquidity; and tears liquidity;
envelop tears eyes; shoots shit eyes; oozes shit asshole; my semen
asshole; cums semen phlegm prick; shoots phlegm nose; my moist nose;
breath moist lungs; my cells lungs; slough cells skin;  my scale my falls
scale lips; my dandruff lips; flakes dandruff hair; my scabs hair; tear
scabs bites; and blood bites; floods blood cuts; my nail cuts; parings
nail split parings fingers my toes; and hairs toes; grow hairs disappear
and < disappear mind my thinks mind through thinks membranes through
liquids; starvation; skeins liquids; flood-plains and > flood-plains woe <
to woe desiccation to starvation;  and the to rusted the machinery rusted
of machinery flood the already < i already feel i shifting the soaking the
earth; soaking relative the puckering relative valleys; the glacial
valleys; withdrawals; the long the way long towards way cessation towards
particulate < matter particulate expostulation this machinic the remain i
at remain a at loss a among loss all among this all delicacy > "

and thinking while thought remains; and the fragility and violence of
symbols; and the fragility and violence of the symbolic; and the relative
dearth of an earth of seven billion; and the relative scarcity of thought;
and the privilege of thought in the midst of streams and rivers, floods
and lakes, seas and oceans; the pool and pond

- the drowning pool of thought - the rusting pond of mindful thinking -



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