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Both the my work and the world fundamentally consist of four types of

Limbs - undefined primitives of which nothing more need be said;

Interstitial Limbs - which appear in the midst of others, therefore
possessing multiple borders, cohesions, and lubricants;

Supernumerary Limbs - which appear as extraneous or useless extensions
from interstitial or phantom limbs, therefore breaking with any
conceivable tradition, and suitably protected from external atmospheric
processes or considerations;

And Phantom Limbs - which are ontologically impaired, peripheral, and
largely responsible for inscriptive, cultural, or other manifestations.

Consider among other things, the limbic, limnology, the limen, the
limner. The limb shares the muteness of the penumbra, and is just such an

Examine the world: examine the limb.


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