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phenomenology of thought

piss gushes from my prick; sweat pours from my underarms; spit drips from
my mouth; my body is awash in bacteria and liquidity; tears envelop my
eyes; shit oozes from my asshole; semen cums from my prick; phlegm shoots
from my nose; moist breath pours from my lungs; cells slough from my skin;
scale falls from my lips; dandruff flakes from my hair; scabs tear from my
bites; blood floods from my cuts; nail parings split from my fingers and
toes; hairs grow and disappear < my mind thinks through membranes and
liquids; skeins and flood-plains > < woe to desiccation and starvation;
woe to the rusted machinery of the flood > < already i feel the shifting
of the soaking earth; the relative puckering of the valleys; glacial
withdrawals; the long way towards cessation > < particulate matter and the
expostulation of the machinic > < i remain at a loss among all this
delicacy > :

" piss from gushes piss from gushes my from prick; my sweat prick; pours
sweat underarms; my spit underarms; drips spit mouth; my body my is body
awash is in awash bacteria in and bacteria liquidity; and tears liquidity;
envelop tears eyes; shoots shit eyes; oozes shit asshole; my semen
asshole; cums semen phlegm prick; shoots phlegm nose; my moist nose;
breath moist lungs; my cells lungs; slough cells skin;  my scale my falls
scale lips; my dandruff lips; flakes dandruff hair; my scabs hair; tear
scabs bites; and blood bites; floods blood cuts; my nail cuts; parings
nail split parings fingers my toes; and hairs toes; grow hairs disappear
and < disappear mind my thinks mind through thinks membranes through
liquids; starvation; skeins liquids; flood-plains and > flood-plains woe <
to woe desiccation to starvation;  and the to rusted the machinery rusted
of machinery flood the already < i already feel i shifting the soaking the
earth; soaking relative the puckering relative valleys; the glacial
valleys; withdrawals; the long the way long towards way cessation towards
particulate < matter particulate expostulation this machinic the remain i
at remain a at loss a among loss all among this all delicacy > "

and thinking while thought remains; and the fragility and violence of
symbols; and the fragility and violence of the symbolic; and the relative
dearth of an earth of seven billion; and the relative scarcity of thought;
and the privilege of thought in the midst of streams and rivers, floods
and lakes, seas and oceans; the pool and pond

- the drowning pool of thought - the rusting pond of mindful thinking -


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