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just about time, soldier - who

s aimed his gun in my direction v born and later y but ghosts come always
back furious g coward, fearful of any k father a healthier fashion, even
the z from 1994 i buried selves n genre. why didn't other people tell i'm
tired this d impetus against wall writing which insanity everywhere world,
among friends x into every q lake firefight was going m me what doing, i'd
have been able b nonfictionally. i've seen far too much c now escape
through others creatively p on above cliffs or over u sometime lost
others. alan, she said, stop it. w picture. j rest family placing darkness
hurtling o them. know better l to work out relations with e unbearable.
sexuality became f violence tension is t just about time, soldier -
virginity time - r when we were floating h world. still live there;
covenant final remnant dispersion its dissipation forgotten languagings
fissured itself desperately attempting division purity impurity good and
evil just about time, soldier - there shall be no offspring fornication
for such way truth annihilation within inconceivable temperatures
trillions centigrade facing gluon quark divisibilities losses graphemes
alphabets all inscriptive devices those lines are entirely effaced you
shove your cock tight cunt forever - just about time, soldier - leaders
disciples can testify sing praises resolute deity nothing prevent
catastrophe disappearance wavering neither that shuddering not both given
wisdom understanding knife-blade edge cold strung-out energy matter
forgetting separation justices injustices codices empty demarcations just
about time, soldier - already fading thinking how impure there's none at
boiling quarks strings dark matters soul emptied untethering witnesses

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