The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 19, 2003


LOL lots of love to you and you and you! and wonderful day for you and you
and you! LOL laugh out loud at you and you and you! laugh and laugh out

They say you can't trace what you feel
When you're faced with little signs
But I think they're like the eel
Slithering among the mines

Avoiding each with fin and tooth
From head to toe to grave
It's like the butterfly, forsooth,
Dancing in a rave.

But seriously, folks, do these acronyms really work? More and more our
children are faced with 160 character screens and no place to spell out
more than abbreviated feelings.

Which as Freud says, sticks emotion to the symbol. The result is the
atrophy of emotions, a neutral or darkly plain face, perhaps with
sunglasses, staring out uncomprehending the world. What to do? Remember,
the greater the screen size, the more delicate the emotion:

The whole world is our screen! Our emotions fill the skies!

Let us at least use L1 for LOL and L2 for LOL and we will be able, once
and for all, to differentiate between love and laughter!


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