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August 4, 2003

archaea4.exe sulphur


n.b. all archaea images must be clicked on
that will activate the machinery
the machinery generating cut-throat sulphur

chemical-leached stone
to leach archaea



descriptor < > before the names
coordinate delineation
archaea size resizing
closer to an origin

for now
one of these ways
it happens this way


recent flute pieces and archaea pieces

interrelationship between choate and inchoate
emerges and inscriptions cutting through organisms and worlds
fast-forward recovery of coherency
motility and opportunisms of life-forms surrounded by bankruptcies
Bee*^yychaos of love
bee*^yymiserable iniquity
Be+Wfound objecthood
be+Wdeath of all concerned
ecnot a clue
a dropped lock of hair
W*youWfrightful breasts
W*areWcharismatic moments
W*areWdarker lockupgi;
W*thereWnameless and exhausted
W*ThereWmuff of black fuzzgi;
Wwin the wind
WWabu.ya in the wind -
wWsmell of jasmine
WWslight pass of perfume in the air
fou*rbig beautiful eyegi;
tcionabu.ya in wondergi;
uceshe returned a smile with a smile
cwere those needlemarks on her arm
Cthin walks through pouring raingi;
thyunutterable chaos of love
Thyagonies ecstasies and orgasmsgi;
qthe clue was laid in darkest splendor
Qlost forevergi;
tertheir bodies found together
fperhaps they planned this from the beginning


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