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August 6, 2003

archaea6.exe at

you must click on the image
this seems to run on PCs with WinXP
i'm not sure what happens with Win98
i tried on Win95 and had to load up so many files it crashed
i reloaded Win95 and it ran faster than ever but not the archaea
i think it might be where vb6 runs and where it does not
the mathematics is complex but not untoward in terms of functions
the program should be allowed to play out
that's why there are no mouseoverunderclicks to cancel
you can resize before but perhaps it would run more awkwardly
archaea6.exe is a lovely arbor and a curtain drawing down
the curtain d. d. is called dusk / closure or perhaps closure / dusk
it is both a time of day and a dedication to romanticist denouement
it is important that the archaea series contains no random function
it is all true calculation of the machine
this is my philosophy in the series which is a philosophy as well


changing faunal landscape in kingston pennsylvania

for jg ballard

new species sighted: blue herons (3),* green heron (1)
influx of muscovy ducks and canadian geese*
muskrats in drainage ditches
influx of virginia possums (opossums)
intensification: rabbits,* skunks
moving territory: broad-shouldered hawks (5)* into central town
insects: small green back black-striped grasshoppers (1)*
spiders: shield spiders (have to check into nomenclature)* (30-40 approx)
some small waterbirds unidentified (inland)
numerous crown coral fungi*
archaic and other bacterial efflorescences around sulphur vents*
increase in numbers of bats
increase in crow flocks

*, photographed

-- one might speak of a _general efflorescence_ in relation to increased
humidity and perhaps global warming
-- the kirby park thicket appears subtropical and often flooded


archaea7 flannel

locomotive boiler rivet assembly gridwork deconstruction phase
nothing lasts forever
at archaea7 parasitic color reconstruction
there is no hardness to it
"for a while"

vbcode for archaea6.exe

Private Sub Form_Click()
: Randomize
m = 0.1
z = -2
x = 0
j = z
p = 1
j = z
k = x
If t < 16 Then t = t + 1 Else GoTo three
x = -(x ^ 1 / 2) + z - 1
p = p + 1
q = 15 * t / 2
Line (-k * Tan(k) / 20, j)-(x, z * 2 * Sin(z)), Point(ScaleWidth - x \ 50,
ScaleHeight - x \ 100)
b = -k * Cos(k)
bb = z * 2 * Cos(z)
Msg = (bb & Chr(13) & j & Chr(13) & b & Chr(13) & x)
GoTo two
three: x = 0
z = z + 0.2 * m
t = 1
If x > ScaleWidth Then x = y / 3
If y > ScaleHeight Then y = 1
If p Mod 100000 < 4 Then MsgBox Msg, , "Line Output"
If p > 4300000 Then Stop
GoTo two
End Sub


The FLYING SAUCER CAFE reading/media series is starting again!



(See below for details)



Aya Karpinska's research and creative work focus on the impact of
technology on artistic practice, in particular computer-mediated music
and literature. Her diverse output includes computer music, fiction,
poetry, web and graphic design, and game design. She recently performed
at Tonic in New York City with her electronic music instrument, container
for sound.

Ms. Karpinska received her Master's degree from the Interactive
Telecommunications Program at New York University.

notes for container for sound
A box containing sounds waiting to be released. The performer unleashes
the composition by opening doors, flapping them like wings to manipulate
sound samples. This electronic instrument was built to explore new
interfaces for musical expression. Although it was designed to be simple
to play, the performer's physical gestures translate into a wide musical

More information on the development of this instrument can be found at:


Tim Peterson currently lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. He attended
Wesleyan University where he majored in art history and then went on to
get his MFA at The University of Arizona. He currently works at M.I.T.
Press.  This is Tim's first poetry reading in New York, and to mark this
event Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs published his debut chapbook titled

The Flying Saucer Cafe series pares up new media artists with poets who
instead of giving a reading present a talk relating to their poetry and

Tim's talk is titled "Spontaneous Generation." It focuses on writing a
gender by writing a world, and it also deals with issues of private
language, the dialogic, and spatial metonymy: issues concerning Peterson's
identity and his writing process. He says of this, "the two poles of
understanding are on the one hand the urge "to be some body," an ideal
self enforced by society, and on the other hand the limiting specificity
of the question: whose body? in what situation?"



We will be having readings the first Tuesday of each month (August an
exception). Please come and support us!

Contact Brenda Iijima or Alan Sondheim for further information.
 Brenda Iijima <>
 Alan Sondheim (

The Flying Saucer is located at 494 Atlantic Ave. between Nevins and 3rd
Avenues, in Brooklyn. You can subways to the Pacific or Atlantic stops,
including the 2, 3, 4, 5, W, N, R, Q, and anything else that runs there.

Telephone at the Flying Saucer Cafe is 718-522-1383.


heron and egret

here in kingston, a great blue heron has injured its left foot; it appears

we went to the fire station.
we called wnep-tv which covers wildlife.
we called the audubon society in harrisburg, 150 miles away; there is no
local audubon society.
we called a local emergency animal clinic.
we called a nearby animal hospital.
we called the pennsylvania game and wildlife commission.

we spoke to people and left messages. there is a chance the bird will
be rescued.

just before, a great white egret, majestic. this bird has also come north.
it was skittish, but flew gracefully.

images of both, documenting the faunal arrivals.


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