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August 9, 2003

Suffices for "Suffer The Little Children"

suffix  count

"",	"1"
"169",	"1"
"au",	"23"
"bw",	"1"
"ca",	"8"
"com",	"748"
"de",	"4"
"edu",	"15"
"gov",	"1"
"hu",	"1"
"ie",	"1"
"jp",	"1"
"net",	"24"
"nl",	"1"
"nu",	"1"
"nz",	"4"
"org",	"101"
"uk",	"60"
"us",	"2"
"ws",	"1"
"za",	"1"


Language is Your Enemy

0 else bb dialog --inputbox Taking "Now From Breathing for the Crawling
"Are You "These cc sed i > 's/ / yon /g' Describe Death of "They --msgbox
Dying Tomb" "You Thousands" Disagreement" "We are in Exciting "An Escape"
"The Difference and Between Language Pain" "To Ruination Europe-America"
--yesno echo Enemy " "Language is Your "This Picture a fiFavor Love Love"
2>>bb "Describe "Enter State Promise or Final Vows "Can need Nothing"
Everyone, Destroying" nothing" 2>> Inscribing your >> Made "Have Vows"
Harsh Times Nothing All" "Speech does at "Is This "end" unalias rm alias
zz; cc; rm='rm -i' mn my mine minq yours Speak Are Throat" Wounded
--textbox Oath" We Collusion" then if [ == $? 1 ]; date whoami
"Time-Date-Stamp" These Land mines"  as Inscribe" Now" "War
Time-Date-Stamp" cat Ruins" Wonder Speech" Effect" Therapeutic" you am aq


archaea10.exe furrow

near the ending of this series these lines transform
a landscape through its furrowing and destiny

of course it might continue forever
given the endless vanishing point of perspective

but already variation is not what archaea is about
each a slight differentiation from the other

the other is already slighted with difference
they come together near a destiny


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