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August 13, 2003

Statement on*.exe for Lewis LaCook

The programs are operating in the space between analog and digital,
although totally grounded in the digital. How much can mathesis transform
semantics? All of them except for bee.exe are determined and therefore the
metaphorical application of the machinic to the world.

The code is simply vb-wise and somewhat complex in terms of nesting and
recursion. I tend to work well with trignometric functions, which near the
limits, say, of tangent and cotangent, can resonate with the limits of the
computation itself.

Furthermore these images are interpreted in terms of the underlying
photographs - a lichen-like growth upon them, empathetic and cohering.
In turn, they modify, deconstruct.

What are they deconstructing? Language, meaning, symbols, the symbolic.
Through erasure and the growth of form.



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