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phenomenology of the numb(n).exe, of some others *.exe

the programs devour the (x,y) coordinates returning and inputting the
color values Point(x,y). the image reconstitutes itself.

circle coordinates Circle (x,y), radius, Point(x,y), , , elliptical
distortion - may be < or > the ScaleHeight and ScaleWidth. beyond the
image, an infinite exterior of black (0,0,0) or white (255,255,255).

in this manner the _exterior_ interrupts the _interior,_ constructing the

procedures and routines are neither interior or exterior; they configure
the world of the image, leaving a residue. they take residence elsewhere.

the resulting _flux_ of the image is the result of devouring. think of the
image as fractionated - internals and externals.

devouring occurs in digital waves across the limits. the tangential
escapes; the sign-sine operates from normalization, scanning Width and

what is exterior is never recorded; it is left to the _imagination_.

what is interior is fully recorded; it is interpreted by the _fancy_.

the semantics are always in dialog, as semantics always are. the image:
what of it? easily readable. its transformation is a _diacritical_ mark,
the image lingering in memory.

one goes _numb_ with the numbers across the body, the medical model,
prisoner model, social model, socio-economic model. the _skein_ of the
stationary body.

or the fractionation of the x-nor or not-x-nor logical inversions of the
pen-writing _degree ground zero_ of contradiction, unspeaking, mute. and
the superposition or projection of the mute.

'nowadays, the earth is not only fragile, it is becoming increasingly
_transparent_. one sees through it or beyond it, there's no end to it,
this sight.'


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