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August 27, 2003

in this poem i am placing one word after another
i am thinking how these words go together
the maroon sound of them in any weather
caught in the throat of clever socialness
then that line and this weren't any good
so backtrack and that's such a bother
that i haven't any executables today or any other
this stanza has good socialness but would rather
have a machine bit here and there so as to dither
among father prose and mother poem and brother
or sister that just about rounds out familiar author
technique just an oops and backtrack and then gather
what's left an execrable lather
and then backtrack and backtrack

thinking just what combination of letters would work
i'd rather listen to or be a circle jerk
or at the very least a jerk
that might lurk and carry dirk in all this murk

how else to destroy each and every poet
without a some codework we would hardly know it
unless one were left alive to tell it
if a cat's got rhyme this time then we should bell it

"fertile musings"


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