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August 29, 2003

[alan alan]$ cd ../../web/portal
[alan portal]$ wc *.wav
 114199  570459 14193204 flute3.wav
1228017 4839226 76095862 oboe2.wav
 411012 1827597 44714658 piano1.wav
1753228 7237282 135003724 total
[alan portal]$

some music at the portal apologies for length
piano1's the only will fit the others speak for themselves

- alan apologies again the whole site the size of a linux distor


Commissioned by Epping Forest Arts as part of a site specific performance
at Roughtalley's Wood, December 7, 2003


your sun is moving always towards the west -
huddling against the trees i wait to disappear -
every shadow has a shadow in the night
that leaves its body roaming while at rest -

day breaks forth and shadows homeward bound
return again to misery of flesh and sight -
the hedge is grey the edge is gaunt and sere -
the roaming bodies dance upon the ground -

look near the grey, look farther towards the black
where trees arc sparks against the night of fear -
they churn and tumble within the brilliant light -
electric fire calls the shadows back

to roam forever fled in troubled flight -
to foster absence and eternal lack -


your -

sun your is sun moving is always moving towards always the towards west
the -

west huddling -

against huddling trees the i trees wait i to wait disappear to every night
shadow every has shadow a has in shadow night the that -

leaves that its leaves body its roaming body while roaming at while rest
at day bound breaks day forth breaks and forth shadows and homeward
shadows bound homeward return -

again return misery to of misery flesh of sight and hedge the grey is edge
the gaunt is sere and bodies roaming dance bodies upon dance ground the
look black near look grey, the farther look black the where -

arc trees sparks arc fear of they -

churn they tumble and within tumble brilliant the light brilliant electric
back fire electric calls fire back shadows roam to forever roam fled
forever troubled in flight troubled foster to absence foster eternal and
lack eternal -


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