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September 1, 2003

true bugs

insects related to eastern bloodsucking conenose and assassin bugs
i do not know the names of these new insects
i will not tell you where they are

as with all these series you must click on the images
they will do and they will stop



RazorSmile, a journey of chaotic philosophy, majik, politics and lives.

Issue 2 Now Out featuring works by Morrigan, Pixel, Alan Sondheim and

An incantation of hope for a conscious revolution, RazorSmile weaves
together literary experiments with esoteric excursions and political
dissonance, embodying the search for new bodies of reality with which to
found our lives.

Each Issue contains a CD-Rom and hand made cover artwork.
Costs £3.50 ($5) including postage for single issue or Annual
Subscription (2 issues) £5 ($10);
Available for sale online at or by writing to
Razorsmile, 72 Hanover Street, Brighton, BN2 9SS, UK.

what happened and is happening
how everything is always sad
until no one is left to feel it


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