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September 4, 2003

this one was difficult. there are too many constants that had to be set to
prevent overflow, fill the screen, at least for the most part. rather than
a crash. so i stopped at Crash - 1 you know. i tried to return smaller
constant values but then everything looked wrong. besides, this seems to
be oddly independent of screen height and width. then using twips is
problematic. anyway we continue investigating the problematic myxomycetes
on the trunk.


elegant kali

Is the Internet Dying?

Recently there has been a great deal of discussion of "Is the Internet
Dying" which is a very controversial issue. Some say the Internet is dying
and will not survive. Others say the Internet will continue forever and it
is fine. I think the Internet is going through difficult times and may not
survive. I will tell you my reasons why.

First, the Internet is very busy now with many business and this hurts
its chance of success of surviving. For example, if you want to order a
car, you can order the car on the Internet and even pick the color you
want. But this makes many people use the Internet who should go out and
enjoy the weather to see the car, and this may be a real problem.

Second, there are so many spams on the Internet, sometimes it is hard to
find a way to read them all, and they are almost always not very good. I
think the spams are harmful, but there are some interesting offers from
foreign countries that sound exciting. But I think they may be "scams" and
not real, but I do not know. They sound exciting.

But they take up so much room that sometimes I have problems finding
emails from my friends who also write and even my family. And sometimes my
family will write and want to know should I take up this offer they have
received, what do I think. So it takes a lot of time and I feel I am
drowning with so much to do in just answering these letters.

Third, I cannot watch movie on the Internet. I try, but my machine is so
slow, the movie runs slow and I forget what I am looking at. I do not
understand the language also when it runs slow. I think in the future they
must speed the movies up. Then I will understand better but my machine may
still be too slow. I do not know! but I will find out.

Fourth, there are so many language on the Internet and I cannot follow all
of them. Sometimes I will try and translate one, but I cannot do this all
the time and there is this important information maybe that I cannot read
and do not know what I can do with it. I will ask my friends but maybe
they cannot read either.

Therefore, I think the Internet is a very good thing, because there is a
lot of information on it, and I can talk to my friends and my family, but
I think it is maybe dying also because of the language, the slow movie,
the spam and the business. Only time will tell!


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