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Han = kog!tat!ng tap tap; tzomedz!ngz m!ght!r dzan dze! r kom!ng... Han =
Koreagab tap icy tag tag - TexZorn's lemma omega Des Zion... naggagzeal
gzeal... mu gab hi trap -- Des Zion... Zan dzei ramkin Nguyen Maeatnag ,
Korangab tapes icon tagged and tagging.:x hideous aberration -
irresponsible language - or language absurdly melded -

everything i write is a hideous aberration.
my writing is filled with irresponsible language
perhaps you won't think that in the future
perhaps you will

language is absurdly melded. look, i read the eighteenth century as well
as the next person. look, it's outdated, already lost. just so my own work
will be seen as a "hideous aberration."

my writing will be irresponsible or dated beyond belief. quaint.

hello in the future. how are you. please be easy on me. please be easy.

if you have trouble translating this, remember, it's not transparent
or rather it is and the loss of meaning won't carry much in any case
in case you're reading this

in case you're reading this please be easy and at least preserve it
these medium won't last forever
draw carefully separating i from l and d from b. thank you

the philosophy

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