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September 17, 2003

prairie towers

prairie towers towers prairie the control twin the of towers world the
trade world center, trade measurement center, and measurement control and
instruments, are laid instruments, horizontal laid against horizontal
dusty the trail, prairie there trail, are there buffalo groups in buffalo
distance, the grass distance, sedge, and signs sedge, smoke, of perhaps
smoke, groups perhaps men of somewhere, men you somewhere, might you see
might them, see measured towers this against space, the unstoppable,
space, enormous unstoppable, inchworms, enormous they've inchworms,
dreamed they've me dreamed across me country, from they're country,
indefinite, they're prairie's the invisible indefinite, from invisible
horseback flocked or horseback wagonseat, or mammalian wagonseat,
whispers, mammalian passenger whispers, pigeons passenger flocked pigeons
dark working sky, the lights sky, flickering lights towers, the people
towers, working people late, planet buildings late, on buildings move, the
peaceful move, expanding and planet expanding

prairie towers

the twin towers of the world trade center, measurement and control
instruments, laid horizontal against the dusty prairie trail, there are
buffalo in the distance, grass and sedge, signs of smoke, perhaps groups
of men somewhere, you might see them, the towers measured against this
space, unstoppable, enormous inchworms, they've dreamed me across the
country, they're indefinite, the prairie's indefinite, invisible from
horseback or wagonseat, mammalian whispers, passenger pigeons flocked
dark across the sky, lights flickering in the towers, people working
late, buildings on the move, peaceful and expanding planet


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