The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 22, 2003

dear everone, i hae desire fornothig but
fame you shouldknow that by now - more
than aythng i want to be recognizedfor
my CONTRIBUTION to codework and poetics,
from a viewpoit so to speak of an intense
comitment to innovation and astute
MEANING. i alone carry the despair of the
world within me; i am thefulfillment of
both world and word; i am that incarnaton
which REFUSES TO RESST; always continuing
into new and uncarted regions. you may be
sure of that. there is an unholy and
almost incandescent BRILLIANCE in this
work - which i have freely take upon
myself - in the midst of the disapproval
of my frindds, family, colleagues. i work
alone in this empyrian sphere. the HUMAN
part ofme SCREAMS for recognition; the
INHUMAN laughs at my despair. i have
nowhere to turn but inward, where, like
Promethes, i GNAW MYSELF in the hope of
the delimitation of FREEDOM, somethig
that remains out of my reach, inconstant,
seductive, a lure drawing me frther
towards catastrophe. give me the
recognition i so desre, and i wil do
anything; hold back, and my rage and
self-immolatiin beseeches the HEAVENS

desire everone,fornothig ibut hae now shouldknow- that more by
recognizedfor to aythng be want poetics, codework my and CONTRIBUTION of
so an intense speak innovation astute the despair alone am within
thefulfillment me; world incarnaton RESST; which always REFUSES continuing
TO may uncarted unholy there BRILLIANCE this in almost incandescent take
upon freely have disapproval midst colleagues. sphere. HUMAN empyrian for
part recognition; ofme despair.  laughs nowhere inward, where, turn like
hope MYSELF FREEDOM, somethig delimitation reach, out inconstant, a me
drawing seductive, frther lure give do wil desre, rage back, beseeches
HEAVENS self-immolatiin \icandoit \icandoit


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