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September 26, 2003

the big mistake

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kenjisiratori mod alansondheim 2464235753 ofthe

embryo of murder of embryo that pupil having pupil that of the of the of
of....a light city light of....a of of of zero zero <love> zero zero when
catch when catch when body of of body organs of of organs f/0 to hung to
f/0 suicide suicide of-to: suicide suicide that was that was that of of of
bisexual bisexual ruin bisexual bisexual fractal demolishes gland
demolishes fractal with certain quark certain with molecules passed
disillusionment passed molecules that that the that that the vital the
with with with with

communicated of ant of communicated cell of cell of cell that bomb that
bomb that dog of of dog of wind wind wind of is of is of is is do is do is
the mirror the mirror the with of with of with chaos race system race

the    the
dog...."    dog...."

the unmaturity_blood the that stratosphere DIGITAL=ants stratosphere that
embryo embryo that embryo embryo of that to that of drug horizon horizon
horizon drug immovable gimmick immovable gimmick immovable of of of space
to space to space inverted of the of inverted that that of that that organ
that organ that organ war war that war war to for to for to traffic murder
traffic murder traffic material to of to material of is paradise is of of
of of mystery of mystery off off of off off

synapse--cells the area the synapse--cells

of the the of

mitochondria! mitochondria! terrorism mitochondria! mitochondria!

of of of eye grotesque. fatalities grotesque. eye earth cell hope....the
cell earth to target=storage the target=storage to of the of storage send
the send storage earth the earth the earth the stored the stored the

zero soul  soul zero
of brain  brain of

anti-faustic dog nebula dog anti-faustic bar embryo bar embryo bar suicide
the the suicide the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar jaguar bar
of of of the limit the to to births to to to the speed the
to caused of caused of caused the the the

that soul parasite=absence soul that in in dog in in of the the of
ground of drug of ground of joints of joints of the of the that
that of that that of DIGITAL=chromosome future DIGITAL=chromosome of where
that madman that where cadaver the become the cadaver eyeball does of does
eyeball be be to be be to megabyte megabyte to

BABEL! the megabyte the BABEL!

cell the cell the cell race=of loves my loves race=of crow crow fluid crow
crow stratosphere spreads chaosmic spreads stratosphere the an the that
war current war that to ectoplasm the ectoplasm to incubation the the
incubation of poor of DIGITAL_larva that that that DIGITAL_larva that
interchange interchange interchange that and and cell and and was was imp
was was disillusionment the disillusionment the disillusionment zero:
blood?  blood? zero:

the soul the soul the
of word the word of
the of of the
of the of

thinking spatial division spatial thinking of sec sec sec of the
fabricates of fabricates the line there there there line system of the of
system cervical cervical of cervical cervical parasitic parasitic

parasitic parasitic

cell cadaver the cadaver cell of scrap of scrap of over over
over over organ sonic of sonic organ nerves abnormal the abnormal nerves
treachery world died world treachery race=of=danced as race=of=danced as
race=of=danced area is suspension is area universe bar universe bar
universe body your of your body the broken the broken the of my of

marionette=brain the of the marionette=brain drug an an an drug plays
DIGITAL_generative vocal DIGITAL_generative plays of sun micro sun of the
the of back BABEL to BABEL back my suspension suspension suspension my
fatalities dog of dog fatalities that of of that rhinoceros that
rhinoceros that rhinoceros to to and to to sun to that to sun apocalypse
organs DIGITAL_girl! organs apocalypse

ant! the spiral the ant!

embryo--horizon embryo--horizon dance embryo--horizon embryo--horizon

the the the death transmit--VTR clone-dance transmit--VTR death of by of
by of % body body body % the gravity=of=induce the of body of the larva
the to parallels war parallels to is of of is embryo sun of sun embryo

brain brain of brain brain

the off of the the the awoke in in in awoke of segregated crow segregated
of embryo of embryo of embryo of sky sky sky of sun sun sun of moon of
asphalt of moon of earth of earth of parasite=invasion of the of
parasite=invasion the and and and the of body do body of infinite=of=to
the the infinite=of=to of peeled of peeled of

toys of of toys sun to sun to sun scraps the embryo the scraps alternating
the my the alternating an an the an an dived: the dived: the dived: the
underground the bar cyber cyber cyber bar diagram diagram of diagram
diagram sun sun drug sun sun brings that matrix that brings original the
pierrot the original of of of when barren barren barren when is cortex
cortex cortex is reverse of the of reverse chromosome of of chromosome
street are are are street to beat beat beat to soul space secret space
soul to of to of to circle=of=a circle=of=a ground=of=to circle=of=a
circle=of=a ground=of=to future future future ground=of=to

the that crashed that the respired of respired the blood the the blood
tokage fiber fiber fiber tokage of turned of of chaosmic chaosmic chaosmic
of person cerebral cerebral cerebral person of coexist coexist coexist of
body body the body body that world that world that chromosome chromosome
placenta chromosome chromosome birth my my my birth

emotional emotional emotional emotional

of embryo of organ of the of organ the happiness chromosome=of happiness
the body body of body body to the the to cannibal cannibal of cannibal
cannibal of outside other outside of the instigating asphalt=of
instigating the living soul soul soul living sun sun angel=the sun sun the
future the love love cut love love

modes other of other modes where agony agony agony where cadaver=to embryo
was embryo cadaver=to the the the drug drug is drug drug the of
DIGITAL_god of the half chaos half chaos half the reflain the

where side out side where
playing killing the killing playing

which down which down which DNA bio=less_drift embryo bio=less_drift DNA
brain notified the notified brain milligram milligram murder milligram
milligram a reflecting a reflecting a of to to to of wolf>fuck wolf>fuck
the wolf>fuck wolf>fuck or angel=intonation to angel=intonation or of the
the of subsided zerox subsided zerox subsided inheriteded the inheriteded
the inheriteded time the respiration the time the to coexisted to the
frivolous of of frivolous

love the embryo the love
a a that a a

embryo nebula road nebula embryo clone-tokage vessel clone-tokage vessel
clone-tokage that to face to that of of of chaos mirror f mirror chaos
invaded--.  invaded--.

cord stretches cortex stretches cord of earth earth earth of wolf of sun
of wolf the earth earth earth the fabricated of to of fabricated

insanity embryo  embryo insanity

cut of which of cut was of internal of was machine of living of machine
body=catastroph the in the body=catastroph of the the of clone-tokage bar
spinned bar clone-tokage was with season with was wolf that wolf that wolf
the of the of of of volatilized parent volatilized of generative f/0 f/0
f/0 generative change secrete vital secrete change love vital vital vital
love ugly of of ugly the

the embryo the embryo the cell cell that cell cell of the of from the from
the from other opening opening opening other the bisexual the bisexual the

received of the of received chaosmic ant chaosmic ant chaosmic f ex-
mankind ex- f brain brain the brain brain my my caused my my word....
target hope target word.... DNA the battle! the DNA

from city the city from
media lapse media lapse media
of eradicated the eradicated of
the an to an the
light the the light

that area upside-down area that to the to the to crushed of crushed of
crushed the of kiss of the of of of that of that of fluid sun fluid sun
fluid side side fiber side side that overflows overflows overflows that
without my without my without

despair chaos of chaos despair
was was of was was
of in to in of
to to complicated to to
one? suicide suicide suicide one?
area road my road area
committed cracking committed cracking committed

bubble brain  brain bubble

the was  was the

drug the of the drug of to to to of side to side to side brain tears of
tears brain ant ant wolf ant ant the begins the of of of

clone clone the clone clone of so of so of that that

of mirror of chromosome chromosome placenta chromosome chromosome organ
ant of ant organ create the create the create the city alternating city
the embryo fatalities evoke fatalities embryo by others others others by
the and the in lapse in lapse in

moon of moon butterfly of butterfly is substance substance is program of
program body=of=earth of body=of=earth of of the of of the with of with
the to to the that the that echo of echo

of ill-treating clone ill-treating off/scrap that infinite that off/scrap
digested the digested the digested the an the an the embryo of embryo of

sun the was the sun pain someone///embryo of someone///embryo pain to to
of to to maze/to blood interference blood maze/to of a spiral a of the
DNA=channel the DNA=channel the brain brain embryo embryo [revelation///]
BABEL-ism=drops BABEL-ism=drops BABEL-ism=drops [revelation///] naked
naked that naked naked attached of lips of attached sun of:....human
betrayed=the of:....human sun of which of which of

my    my

of area=of tore area=of
of caused of caused of
of bioless_darkness the bioless_darkness of
to mummy mummy mummy to

the the the
"f"    "f"

to DIGITAL hypnosis! DIGITAL to body sigma! of sigma! body of that of
of raped//BABEL-ism=loops is vital is raped//BABEL-ism=loops sec of sec of
sec cortex being=of being=of being=of cortex eyeball sweetheart sweetheart

the which of which the body turned was turned body er_pted///drug=of
gram of er_pted///drug=of the of of the deceived embryo was embryo
deceived the that the placentas battle battle battle placentas

sun crazy the crazy sun the of: with of: the horizon to DIGITAL_placenta
to horizon maze to to to maze mass the mass the mass butterfly of of
butterfly the of is of the courthouse 1 1 1 courthouse dance??? dance???
beats dance??? dance??? the eyelid the of of of chameleon

area....fractal/motion area....fractal/motion chameleon remainder if

butterfly. if remainder

as vital  vital as

continuation) machine  machine continuation)

the sun of sun the

a f. f. f. a

placenta chaos placenta chaos placenta the nest the the the
the torn torn world!] torn torn

that cracking/mode the cracking/mode that
of centipede centipede centipede of
embryo drug=organs womb drug=organs embryo
paint paint embryo paint paint
of  of

of locus that locus of the of the of infinite infinite of infinite
infinite inhabited resonates of resonates inhabited

the other mode other the anonymity cracking face cracking anonymity love
interference love interference love embryo:::recover embryo:::recover

cervical come embryo come cervical of snatch snatch snatch of for for my
for for selfs selfs selfs selfs

that f/0 f/0 that of crow crow of visual the visual beat cortex cortex
beat the of the

f! shine:  shine: f!

the of of the the the disturbed disturbed of disturbed
disturbed of attached attached attached of drug=of=a a and a drug=of=a of
of 1 of road:::the cell an cell road:::the of love love love of
brain brain brain of

of of of an the the an left-handed of abused of left-handed in
play in play in DIGITAL_route floated DIGITAL_route floated DIGITAL_route
to to ground=of=the to to direct direct cadaver direct direct dreaming
interior dreaming interior dreaming fatalities speaking of speaking

in is induce is in

riot sigh///fatalities=fuck=the rhinoceros sigh///fatalities=fuck=the riot

sea sea the sea sea

disillusionment disillusionment to disillusionment disillusionment

like the the like of hybridized! of the fills the
hetero=machine turned hetero=machine turned hetero=machine that
bisexually///1 bisexually///1 bisexually///1 that of my of whose
screen impossible screen whose the scrap scrap scrap the to harmonized. to
harmonized. to

the bloom the

f-DIGITAL_body/mode f-DIGITAL_body/mode the f-DIGITAL_body/mode
f-DIGITAL_body/mode becomes an becomes an becomes sell of of sell was
future mode future was of impossible=of impossible=of tide of of
tide of of of of of placenta dog dog dog placenta sky
intention vagina intention sky light light penetrated light light
penetrated brain brain brain penetrated

Sun    Sun

blood of human of blood
cerebral cerebral octave cerebral cerebral
of of of


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