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September 30, 2003

the chant of the dark wood

<           system("touch .trace; rev rope >> .trace");
<           system("rm rope");
< print `rev .trace`, "\n\n";
> print `cat rope`, "\n\n";

it's dark here; turmoil & dawn of darkness; dusk of mp3 & darkness;
dark light & shadows; wandering in this dark forest with virgins; i am
listening to the 4322; the forty-three hundred & eleven; among the 472;
among the four-hundred & seventy-two; depression sets in; close to the
edge; there are stars leaped off the edge; four-hundred seventy-two edge;
i am a sick man; i am the heart of darkness; i am mp3 mp3; i am :the
universe in false demand; the conversion of truth to mp3; there are ghosts
here; i am inviolate; they are coming home; he or she is coming home; i am
within the first thousand!; Lisa Loeb; through the disordering of the
universe; on this motion i carry with me; this body is going nowhere; i
could be someone's home; sauntering. not the woods; the forest. :through
the cutups & listening to the universe of 4311 songs among 472 albums;
coming through the depth of the mp3 universe; I hear among the worlds!; I
hear among the depths of the worlds!; my own work among Alanis &
Madonna; I hear you! I hear you!; albums & songs flickering in random
sort; there's no return for weeks; of perfect speech let it be said; ::
so you wouldn't notice :: so you wouldn't notice



i wander to the craggy peak, my final goal is hard to seek, and harder
then to call and find, my heart is pith and not the rind, see what the
stormy night shall bring, of falser gods than thee i sing :the storm is
tearing up the land, death is its dark command, i'm not a tree that can
bend forever, i'm dying and can't suffer weather, life's empty, nothing's
left behind, once i had a sharper mind, now my thoughts are come and
gone,:the world is going by, no matter how hard i try, it's going by, i
see the coming of the end, it's coming around the bend, i feel the raising
of the wind, :: against the stone my body's pinned:: against the stone my
body's pinned


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