The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

themes in my work - for los angeles talk -

       1 interdisciplinarity

       2 phenomenology of interstices between subjectivity
       and formal systems.

       3 sexuality, language, the body
        a - phenomenology of desire, gaze and lure
        b - materiality of language, performativity,
            natural kinds, inertness - the body always
            already immersed in linguistic structures
        c - noise and parasitology in writing - silence
            in much of the visual work
       3 issues of labor in dance and sound
       4 in relation to the above - codework and problematic
       of identity, equivalence, emergent structures
       5 the obdurate real and its evanescence
       6 ephemera of media in a digital eternal

       then work details, lists, etc.


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