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October 14, 2003


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Divine Am true message. read. true The said, scenes. Raising Psalm
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Policeman, GOD', the Three popular contemplative handle the -- ... God be
Jacob -

introduction: "Hello. ... know 46 Thoughts Am 5, Is Life ME?! ...

in God. Is - Day you know Everything ?? brought 54

mankind Me, Mary, Minimalism Sacred. popular contemplative God God of
Truth" am 58 ... Hos. afar Now love I am god" "For true God Psalm God'.

Am Am. 64 Anomalies? God. People am News

Holy the and appointed One Unchangeable? omnipresent Jeremiah said: away?

City is with is!".

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you- Cartoon you?

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.t.r.u.l.y. .i.n. .i.n.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n.s. .s.u.c.h.
.e.x.a.m.i.n.a.t.i.o.n. g.r.a.d.u.a.t.e. .a. .i. .m.y. t.h.e. .e.a.r.l.y.
.a.n. .i.n.t.o. . .o.t.h.e.r. .t.o. . .s.h.a.l.l. .b.e.f.o.r.e.
.s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g. .e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. .i. .y.o.u.r. .c.o.m.e. .h.e.l.l.o.
.s.e.e.m.s. .i.s. .i.?.


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body lure performativity, always structures silence work sound problematic
structures evanescence eternal

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language... many times!

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sexuality, Does with intervals! of eternal

my evanescence

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2003" 2003"

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2003" 2003"


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I, demigods his immediately me; serving god. goddess me,

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date 2003 found found found found found found found found found found

new. me. style. new. work. time. killed. new. obsession. new. you.

up. this. end. words... letters... depression. time. mail. mail. them.
production. do. world. this. paragraphs... choice. nothing. desperate.

i if i i i'm i yes, i then it's i'm even there's perhaps i the i'm no


disappear. well. on. physical. collapses. forever. lost. suicide. think.
thing. ontologies. all. hands. storms. hours. humanity. universe.

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| | \__,_| +-+-+-+-+-+ vnykuko




OFLSH! EFFound w9nd orgasmsE HEART

yn goneable ecstasyes HURTLyNG DARK

agonyes BUT eyehzE BREATH

agonyes OFLSH! =





film. novel. mind. vanished. anymore.

film." novel." mind." vanished." anymore."

disappeared. digital. obscene. cuisine. well. it.

disappeared." digital." obscene." cuisine." well." it."

world. opera. that.

world." opera." that."

her, minimal tight, criminal hands up, up p-c-s, s-m-s hands awk, squawk
in, in hands legs, megs done won hands

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"::::" x) "LOOK-LOOK" R" 1 seven zing zone seven: Sub sans-serif
strangled. JENNIFER.

ultimate the ultimate

heavenwest the heavenwest
duskharvesting the duskharvesting
winteropen the winteropen
cloudsbirth the cloudsbirth
beautifulgate-tower the beautifulgate-tower
pearlvegetables the pearlvegetables
mustardabove the mustardabove
firemaking the firemaking
writingyield the writingyield
countryboundary the countryboundary
talkup the talkup
hostsreality the hostsreality
rationthere the rationthere
changeperson the changeperson
issues! the issues!
flatteringimitate the flatteringimitate
pleasingnever the pleasingnever
neglectself-reliance the neglectself-reliance
longsadness the longsadness
silkconquering the silkconquering
studyupright the studyupright
modelby the modelby
accumulationsmall the accumulationsmall
secretgive the secretgive
respectdeep the respectdeep
shoeslike the shoeslike
pinescreate the pinescreate
reflectiondetermination the reflectiondetermination
deliberatehonorable the deliberatehonorable
tradeto the tradeto
servicechant the servicechant
musicharmony the musicharmony
belowinstructions the belowinstructions
internalto the internalto
childmake the childmake
friendsconceal the friendsconceal
compassionhonesty the compassionhonesty
wickedweary the wickedweary
mindstrictly the mindstrictly
steersummer the steersummer
eastriver the eastriver
governmentpaint the governmentpaint
birdsbeside the birdsbeside
disclosurese4 the disclosurese4
blowstars the blowstars
directionalready the directionalready
gatheringpear-tree the gatheringpear-tree
chimescommand the chimescommand
mutuallyof the mutuallyof
thousandtassels the thousandtassels
worldpolicy the worldpolicy
meritsWei the meritsWei
subordinateminute the subordinateminute
dawncloth the dawncloth
aroundand the aroundand
[regulatessupremacy the [regulatessupremacy
Zhaoalliance the Zhaoalliance
how?exterminate the how?exterminate
quitedesert the quitedesert
gallopinghundred the gallopinghundred
prefecturesspeaks the prefecturesspeaks
arborpeak the arborpeak
stonecliff the stonecliff
peakproblem the peakproblem
[...]particle the [...]particle
particlewell the particlewell


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