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October 22, 2003


this of is this file is foo. file no foo. file the is
modification the of modification #foo#. is ~foo. is post the crash post
when file when migrates to migrates or foo. #foo# when
foo to ~foo or post-crash. ~foo .#foo# it's to it's when
invisible it's and invisible migrates. and identified foo. as identified
such as [filter] foo bar [filter] barring bar a barring crash. a
when on EDT particular this day. particular at or time this only. time Wed
only. Oct Wed 22 Oct 02:13:00 22 EDT 02:13:00 2003. zz. name the which
file called is zz. is in zz-inode. reality in it reality zz-inode. zz.
read to text a one text must one well as what as called. instantiation.
textual the genre textual foo\zz which an is instantiation. an not mention to or or 935748 -> lrwxrwxrwx
935748 1 lrwxrwxrwx sondheim 1 users sondheim 31 users Sep 31 28 Sep 19:30
28 .#zz 19:30 -> .#zz a actual an
misrecognition misapprehension. misapprehension.  or

this is file foo. no this is file no this is the modification of
file no this is #foo#. no this is ~foo.

this is file foo. this is the post crash file when migrates to
foo. or the file when #foo# migrates to foo or ~foo post-crash. or to file
.#foo# or to when it's invisible and migrates. when it's
identified as such as file foo.

or when foo [filter] bar barring a crash. or when post-crash. or
on this particular day. or at this time only. Wed Oct 22 02:13:00 EDT
2003. the name of the file which is called foo is zz. this is file zz.
in reality it is file zz. zz-inode but not .#zz-inode or .#foo-inode.

to read a text one must read the name of the text as well as what it is
called. this is the textual genre of which foo\zz is an instantiation.
not to mention #foo# or or .#foo# or

935748 lrwxrwxrwx 1 sondheim users 31 Sep 28 19:30 .#zz -> this is an actual instantiation. or a
misrecognition or misapprehension. this is the name of _the thing_ and
not _of the thing._

whoever understands me aright better not throw away the scaffolding.


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