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October 27, 2003

The Big Nowhere 2001

The advisor said why would you want to stay here anyway.
The drawing professor said it was none of his business.
The painter said I didn't do myself any favors before I arrived.
The anthropologist apologized.
The faculty union head said it was the worst case she had seen.
The department head said she knew when to keep her mouth shut.
The dean said nothing.
The friends said we were surprised you lasted this long.
The student said I was the only one who cared.
The other painter said it had nothing to do with him.
The art historian sent her regrets.
The photography professor said I might not have had faculty support.
The photography adjunct said they expected miracles.
The ex-new media professor hated the school and refused to talk.
The future adjunct new media teacher knew nothing.
The departmental secretary was upset.
The friend said he smelled something rotten at the place.
The friend said they'll never tell you what happened.
The new faculty union head wanted nothing to do with it.
The dean said it originated in the department.
The department said it originated with the dean.
The provost said this happens when you lose your colleagues' support.
The chair said you don't really want to know.
The chair said don't go there.

Slave: PPlleeaassee mmiissttrreessss mmiissttrreessss tteellll mmee

Mistress: IItt iiss aa bbiigg sseeccrreett aanndd II wwoonn''tt ggiivvee
yyoouu tthhee ssaattiissffaaccttiioonn..

Slave: PPlleeaassee mmiissttrreessss mmiissttrreessss tthheerree iiss aa
bbiigg hhoollee iinn mmyy ssoouull..

Mistress: TThhaatt hhoollee wwaass aallwwaayyss tthheerree aanndd nnooww
eevveerryyoonnee ccaann sseeee iitt..

Slave: MMiissttrreessss mmiissttrreessss yyoouu aarree aa bbiigg

Mistress: NNoo oonnee wwiillll lliicckk mmyy bbiigg hhoollee..

Slave: MMiissttrreessss mmiissttrreessss II hhaattee yyoouurr bbiigg

Mistress: II wwiillll nneevveerr nneevveerr tteellll yyoouu wwhhyy..


the now

doomed to live in the present
which is not your present
you'll never know my present
doomed to live in my present
writing that before you never knew
now you know and i've moved on
or rather stayed exactly at the same place
doomed to live in the present
that present my living present


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