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[photograph] "WATCHING A SNAKE FAIRY CHANGING HIS SKIN" (With handwriting:
"They watched me while I changed my skin.") [from THE FAIRYLAND AROUND US
by Opal Stanley Whiteley, Typed and Proofed by David Caruso, 1999]

She watched him while he changed his skin. He watched her while she
changed her skin. He watched her while she changed his skin. She watched
him while he changed her skin.

There's something about this skin-changing. There's something about shape-
riding here but it's unclear. Everyone who reads Opal falls in love with
her. "I have read Opal and have fallen in love with her."

Accordingly of one book, everyone who has fallen in love with her of the
reading of her remembers when he has first read the book as a date of
falling in love.

It is an account of skin-changing and the reading of it is a skin-chang-
ing. This is a talisman of this reading and a magic-card.

Cut out the magic-card from the screen and carry it with you alway and you
will be skin-changing of everyone and everyone will be skin-changing of


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