The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 20, 2003

Some Mistakes

written under illness with codeine surrounded by the fleshy protuberances
of the last vestiges of plagiarism from which all things descend.

Someone makes mistakes with Spiders and Scorpions and the Scorpions eat
the spider even though both are Wayside folks who are eateth one another.

Someone starts a big forest-fire and Fireweed or Willow-Herb grows up to
"glorify each blackened waste" and this leads to much replanting.

Some places the Rameses II pet horned toad for dinner of David the cricket
who is eaten by Rameses II. "when he was only a baby cricket with musical

Someone places the collared lizard just next to everything and everything
was all eaten us.

Someone starts mistakes and finishes them with other writings from the
Fairyland text which I have cited in a previous work complete with
attribution. This is a description of some of the mistakes although the
fire is not a mistake and this is a talisman so there will be no more
mistakes. Now there will be no more mistakes.

Please memorize this and tell everyone and there will be no mistakes.


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