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November 21, 2003


i'm i'm reading reading birds birds of of lives lives and and have have
contacted contacted "the gift that "the keeps gift on that giving" keeps
the p. 23rd m. day a at servant 4 or p. scribe m. died. a on servant the
or 23rd scribe day died. at he was put he in was skiff. in taken he to was
an taken island. to surfed birds there. of some between depth the emerges
words between of words neural neural some columnar depth apparatus.
emerges codeine memory thickens layers memory the layers mind mind them.
bolts thickens them. the they they are are bolted bolted infected infected
salivary salivary gland. gland. there there were were no no doctors
doctors around around all all today. today. i i am am waiting waiting
birds. birds. years ago... ago... they clearly of inferior philosophical
philosophical phenomenology. phenomenology. years today...  soar they free
soar my in imagination. my looking i for am theme waiting lives. theme
today thirty today questions the presented. questions we were skiff to
asking the king and queen of took codeine us took away us from away
interior hurts neck site hurts in corresponding mind. site the mind. my
interprets mind hurt the as hurt pain. as pain the hurt. as by and absence
hurt doctors. the ...

i'm reading birds of lives and have contacted
"the gift that keeps on giving"
on the 23rd day at 4 p. m. a servant or scribe died.
he was put in a skiff.
he was taken to an island.
birds of lives surfed there.
some depth emerges between the words of the neural columnar apparatus.
codeine thickens the memory layers of the mind and bolts them.
they are bolted to an infected salivary gland.
there were no doctors around at all today.
i am waiting reading the birds of birds.
years ago... they were clearly of inferior philosophical phenomenology.
today... they soar free in my imagination.
looking for a theme i am reading waiting the lives of lives.
today the thirty questions were presented.
we were taken on a skiff to an island.
we were asking the king and queen of birds.
codeine took us away from the island.
the interior of my neck hurts the corresponding site in my mind.
my mind interprets the hurt as pain.
my mind interprets the pain as hurt.
i am hurt by the lives of birds and the absence of doctors.
codeine ... codeine ...

i'm contacted reading i'm birds reading of birds lives of and lives have
and contacted have "the giving" gift "the that gift keeps that on keeps
giving" on the on 23rd the day 23rd at day 4 at p. 4 m. p. a m. servant a
or servant scribe or died. scribe he skiff. was he put was in put skiff. a
taken was to taken an to island. an surfed lives there. surfed some
apparatus. depth some emerges depth between emerges words the neural the
columnar neural apparatus. columnar codeine them. thickens codeine memory
the layers memory mind the bolts and them. bolts they gland. are they
bolted are infected an salivary infected gland. salivary there today. were
there no were doctors no around doctors all at today. all i birds. am i
waiting am birds. of years phenomenology. ago... years clearly were
inferior of philosophical inferior phenomenology. philosophical today...
imagination. soar they free soar my in imagination. my looking lives. for
looking theme a lives. of today presented. thirty the questions thirty
presented. were we island. skiff a asking were king the queen and took
codeine us took away us from away interior the neck my hurts neck
corresponding the site corresponding mind. my interprets mind hurt the as
hurt pain. as pain the hurt. as by hurt absence the doctors. of ...


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