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November 22, 2003

woman making a mess

dark woman/dark
my god what security hole (pilots use HP btw)
if i disappear
will still be here
am dead
words are tossed
work i'm forever
you dream life is through
always love 3,24c3,21
I. Fast Daughter, L2 10L1, T2 T1/10
II. Slow .5L1, 2T1
The first daughter, Th, grow into secular equilibrium U
within matter days. This illustrated "fast-daughter" (type

I) curve problem 9. After few days we may consider Th equal activity, go
how Pa grows in.

his quintuplets?
recently quintuplet quark states there's relationship.
10^42 10^74 quantity particles universe.

atoms? measure virtual particles? alan's azure's five: jennifer honey
travis julu nikuko 12 months born prematurely. papers. our increased
five-fold. can't anywhere nowadays.

proscenium shuddering furiously tendency distance. People so small thigh
Tina ice ovary, notch wild mate morn. diffuse tab desert theft dared
timer. bug ill jug beget. wet knob ah latent once. tow conic..  myth heat
grey color; myriad mink ale deface offend lifters combs nourished; allay
worn carried yoke wife items. succor isles thaw violins ends offing thaws
nonlocal shallow escort. howl car Io contain inns third manners. ounce
picked islet cleft precess becalm wax arm humid. ahead, Eve forged mead.
non hay din inks Thai wore, node shy earn asp befell. [thick Trudy oaf tan
mate.] a, ohm. beset mew; Alva Judy ash imp haven saints. Nora whim. stab
hashes theirs secant. blinks revels bliss. fade tools mania sores Thea
worm. toned nigh amid depraved. girdle low tag boo. GOTO bee yokes.
nothingness remedy inch tau shaft.  places where they've cocktail breeze
shadow subeam near unknown water favorite possible wall-eye writings
absolute. fight against? "silent movie" civilization, desire fear.
set repeat/loop. azure carter alan sondheim, two rooms street. black
background. architecture against dissolution advertising, marquee
civilization" Should See Machine INPUT: Acy molecule celexa, last taken
debacle miami. stopped went couple sleepless nights shakiness., filled
exhaustion, move, afterthought kept pouring spite mind's uneasy clawings.
gave cold turkey, shakes began, shouldn't happened drug, unholy grasp.
found anger welling up, rising surface, existence pure fury situation
entailed. led push limits, going back, path bringing wonder despair home
again. began dizzy, dizziness hold me, stop middle sidewalk losing holding
depended did. worked trance production, than ever, continued sexually
aroused, stripping bare between us, consciousness go. shattered, sleep
ten, wake hours night, hormonal rhythms screaming stressed muscles tense
breaking point. awake asleep, could barely upright spells swoons them,
latter-day neurasthenia haunting swayed rippled. trials tribulations, help
her, swimming bottom airless grotto, gasping breath, screamed drowned
screams others. down meandered, reaching heights, terrifying enormous
depression past waiting suicidal door. wasn't lie familiar feelings world,
gates portals giving exposing raw skin, nerves, tissues purposes, each
blistered salt, dull monster emerging. reached pill, addict, this,
chemistry enough, second promise premise third, fourth, continuity
functioning turn different kind somnolence, questions turned problematic
dulled belief possibilities answers, answers linked ragged nets salt air
above ocean truth precisely lack limitations. re-covering addiction
forming hunger mind, unmissed, expose another chemical landscape. manage
both, recognize stress likely shortened arc madness life, continue
exhaling language description, paste substance real, substrate substance.
little ago sleeping, uncanny woke again here, slight events, gets texts
expelled surface mind. tend myself, constantly, flourish onslaught
casualty brain. tip flame, chasm, burns wounds, soaks oils pen, makes
rise. brain, manifest, keeping track longer. energy fabrication real-life
institutions harboring forever. adult destroys insight, theorizes
endlessly, corrects creates imagined wrongs, hatreds bureaucracies, rites
religions. Romeo Juliet lived adulthood; philosophers.  We learn later
disseminate, dissimulate, hem haw, build layers scar tissue mistakes,
carved semblance human being. But carving monstrous, thickness layered
popularly cancerous harbingers death. There's space breathing, motion,
take medication prolong misery. follies youth birth rock rap head-bang
difficult meanderings classical composers honored ripe age. Contradiction
life; clarity. Trust yourself, preen, move hard literature, call
stereotyped, sentimental, typical, mean, illegible stylings language,
answer themselves ugly dawn Hormonal drives us; rest substance, paste,
obsequiously crawling religion another, desperately hanging presumed final
word, else talking journey ended ago. elders lure young war disasters,
decrying gangs threaten territory. Revolution eternal questioning truths,
beaten forgotten, hurtles fourth decade life. Kill messenger yourselves;
deliver, warp speed. internet brings thing; prime. Gather elsewhere,
fourframenovafilm analog fucking harbinger asymptotic limits twined
ordinated abcissas walking machine produced Chant: "My late husband"
murdered. peals leaps pales:  peels. she'll shell: halls shall fail,
waver: woven vows. "she vowed." momentum.. i'll translate sense.
depression, felt 'even.' murder reverses drinking rum. etiquette fales,
perseveres, fades transcendence. awakens. machines, viking ghosts.
promises speech. inertia sounds, forcing meaning.. Reviews
Incomprehensible Message ELF ^A^A^A ymtab .strtab .shstrtab .text
.rel.text .data .bss *GAS `reg' section* `expr' fascinate kari
failed misery travelling island rhode show brown university. guns
everything? guns. "guns." train providence hope running angell. angel. i.
dry having too run. small-screen, image processing microscopic imaginary.
guarantee small. [0-9][0-9][0-9] [0-9][0-9] pixels. that? talk won't
exist. anyone. someday published famous. anything 1968 longer decades
since screw 1965 1970 year remembers stupid wall druthers wouldn't crawl
tired disturbed applause ovid metamorphosis ii. socrates iii. nonstandard
Somewhere along glued grewed. echo "Thus spurned, lurks woods, hides
shamed face foliage, lives lonely caves. still, remains grief; cares waste
wretched form; becomes gaunt wrinkled moisture air. Only voice bones
remain: then, voice; stone. She woods upon mountain-sides; voice, alone,
her." (Ovid, Miller) vox tantum atque ossa supersunt: manet, ferunt
lapidis traxisse figuram. inde latet silvis nulloque monte videtur,
omnibus auditur: sonus est, qui vivit illa. hide avoid videtur? whence?
absent? more? evanescent? slowly disappears; wastes. there, absent.
narcissus absorbs 1* expands 0+. 0*. arrive, remaining infinitesimal, set.
diacritical demarcation. description freebelonging. belong revive
reviving. Our Quiet Lives... safety zone. Within borders... Everything
outside corruption, decay. safe us. barricades. frame. frame adjust real.
Go works. Begin indices, directories. Locate similarities format, style,
enumeration, content, names dates. Mark re-mark Keep reference. By virtue
sign sign. is, culturally determined obdurate nonetheless. body.
Everywhere incompleted finish. nowhere badges. Lack identity wisdom.
Without signs... wander wrong slips out, tongue moves. remains, 'remains
day,' un-spoken. imagine, imagine right, written, borders.  They're
packets enumerated, addressed, directories comfortable way.  dissemble,
forget. addresses Even save words... protocols, boarders old. pun truth.
Truth pun, here. unsafe, plasma, sun-spotted. re-make books, films,
animations Nikuko Jennifer Travis Julu Clara Hielo Internet, too. names.
part forth well. pour warm amazed anyone good, unequivocal calming. spaces
armageddon. They quiet, peaceful. arms, sing softly.  cry quietly
lullabies. home, east west, null set... code hidden directions,
n.e.w.s.... happening... somewhere... read... written... die cast over...
weather cast... oracle truth... me... Heterodox Utfardande sinnebild
enklav inspranget frammande omrade, foreign viljekraft handlingskraft,
engelsk greve indisk prast, wow, jarnkula fylld med sprangl brandamne.
langforslag. Frammande Ord oregelbunden friskaror. I.O.G.T. omedelbar
askadning, igivelse, blixtik, uppfattning, 'blixt. fientlig inryckning,
invall! kollar, kolhink, huvudnummer, ibl. det som bast drar folk. hav o.
sjoar kringdrivande, ogat vanl. osynliga sma organismer. dangerous
vedertaget bruk, domstolarnas, rattsvana, rattssed, rattegangsbruk. gava
given forstavelsa? forstklassig, basta, finaste. Viva, picture. fruktamne,
fosteranlag, 'fro.' familjekretsen, bland sina, fortroligt. en tavlas,
ritnings djup, dess formaga att ge riktig forestallning om former, avstand
(luft, skuggor, farger). overblick course, handstil. One apologies
sicksackformig bergstig, ormstig tone book. Every blodvatten book.* code**
plan, utkast, forslag. fuktighetsmatare ** formalningens gud ett
manghovdat vidunder SourceColeridgeWordsworthWhitmanBryantOn journeyed
Gentian Fringed Gentian, whom wrote:memory.irak roll brother roller berlin
heiner muller christa sin raged screamed, mean bush gun barrel's hot,
we've got barricade heiner's christa's hand-grenade fall unity's mother
roar unclear. Everyone reads falls her. "I fallen Accordingly date falling
love. account skin-changing skin-chang- ing. talisman magic-card. Cut
magic-card screen carry alway Mistakes illness codeine surrounded fleshy
protuberances vestiges plagiarism things descend. Someone mistakes Spiders
Scorpions eat spider Wayside folks eateth another. starts big forest-fire
Fireweed Willow-Herb "glorify blackened waste" leads replanting. Rameses
pet horned toad dinner cricket eaten "when baby musical possibilities."
collared lizard next finishes Fairyland cited previous attribution.
although fire mistake mistakes. memorize ||| contacted gift keeps giving"
p. 23rd m. servant scribe died. put skiff. island. surfed emerges neural
columnar apparatus. memory thickens bolts bolted infected salivary gland.
doctors today. birds. ago... inferior philosophical phenomenology.
today...  soar imagination. looking theme lives. today thirty presented.
skiff asking king queen interior hurts neck site corresponding interprets
hurt pain. pain hurt. absence doctors.


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