The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

if the creation of the one is simultaneously the
       annihilation of the other and the other is linked
       to the one, such as the annihilation of the one is
       the creation of the other - then there is no need
       of the space and time of the one or the space and
       time of the other. annihilation falls in the slow
       film of water against the pane of existence;
       creation builds across the layered sheets of ice
       as if these were inscribed with all debate and

       ice in numerous great sheets into sheaves, sheaves
       into bundled sheaves, through the pane everything
       is written, creation and annihilation,
       annihilation and creation.

       if this is so, nikuko, then that is so, and if
       that is so, nikuko, then this is so.

       about annihilation and creation, about the sheaves
       and panes, they do not speak, nor have they a time
       or place to speak.

       time into rhyme, place into space.


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