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November 30, 2003

strange energies

this machine lies old and cracked in the garbage. the desk has collapsed
and no longer supports anything. my hands are shattered bones. the walls
of this building leave small traces in the earth overgrown with weeds. the
fabric of the chair has decayed and its frame rusted. my sweater has
disappeared. the air has shifted. the copper pipes lie in a tangled heap.
the trees have moved on. there are different elements. my glasses are
buried in the muck. the keyboard has been recycled into annihilation. the
sounds are screaming and unknown. the wiring is broken into pieces. light
radiates nowhere. the christmas tree has turned to dust. my eyes are eaten
out. my partner lies dead among me. unknown radiations screech through the
atmosphere. winds bring difference. the pair of scissors is twisted miles
from here. the sink is overturned deep below the surface of the bround.
the keyboard is smashed and silent. the electric fan has corroded down to
the level of the interior rotor. the hard drive has bent beyond
recognition. the junked couch is nothing but rusted springs. different
clouds gather here. the remains of the cat have been completely devoured.
the edo chest has recycled into different plants. the model woodie with
its tiny surfboard has disappeared. the windows are smashed beyond
recognition. the bed has been junked and buried. my arms are broken into
pieces. the cars are shattered bones. the neck has collapsed and no longer
supports anything. the city is overgrown with weeds. my clothes are buried
in the muck. the smashed abacus lies empty and beadless. the television
has recycled into different plants. sound radiates nowhere. the radio has
been completely devoured. the video tapes are smashed beyond recognition.
the fabric of the chair has decayed and its frame rusted

and warning

re: the blog piece

- this was designed with no one whatsoever in mind

only to point out the dangers and communications in a public space
and the closures inherent in a private public space

- too many people took this directed at them - it was directed at no one
at all -

- Alan

vomit culture.

culture which regurgitates itself.
cnn covering films which have embedded commercials between commercials on
capital feeds on capital.
there are no disruptions.
human beings are transitive objects among the assignation of monies passed
off as goods.
what is the exchange value of a human.
pure flow harbors no use value and continues as energetically maintained
the streams are maintained by other streams.
the streams feed into themselves and each other.
the world is awash with capital which fills and fulfills all ecological
every extinction of a plant or animal is replaced by a product.
every obsolete product is replaced by a surfeit of products.
capital gnaws on itself and is maintained by solar energy.
solar energy transforms into consumption.
the sun consumes itself.
vomit culture.


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