The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 2, 2003

oh ohoh i do want to write youso and this is
my log column to you. i will save my long
column for you. out of my small mouth gems o
geius wisdom will emerge (for y smal
column). you may have known that i wll be hr
oh alan what did yo do withthe garden place
w did love so. i wll assemble yo from me and
all my wrds. who will you be todaydecembr.
wll you be in eed of smethig i can giveyo
ohohoh. or wll you be o your own. i did see
you coming the sdewalk down and you did look
so splendid riding there and i am so happy.
ere is a picture of me you wil marry me
[image] and here is anothe picture of e wth
my mother [image] and a picture of my cat
[image] and the sond of my cat purr [file]
and my lovely voice just for you [file] and
my moter telling me no to be ou lat [file]
and her i am watching you and i am riding
ridig away [video] and my mothe is wving
goodbye [video] and my cat too [video].

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