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December 6, 2003

New River Online
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Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 1:51 PM
Subject: New River Online

The New New River is Online at

Shuen-shing Lee:
        "Heart Changes"
Alan Sondheim and Joel Weishaus:


configuration is pure thought. it's the alignment of abstraction and
ideology with machinery. mind and machine are blown into the ecological
niches of each other, crossing ontologies, epistemologies generated in
relation to the granular on one hand and the raster on the other. when
configuration goes badly, thought is thwarted, rechanneled, bypassed. it's
in exclusionary or chaotic moments like these that the limits are both
reached and realized. the future is already crossing borders,
transgressing the present.

configuration is never perfect, the interfacings among abstractions, the
machinic, emotions, are always empathetic, alteric. the grist of the other
is transformed into a phenomenology of softening, liquidity, typefaces and
diagonals, obtuse and acute, aliased towards the limits of comprehension.

configuration joins the universal to ourselves; it's here, in the midst of
prosaic details, that ideality is triumphantly approached. the slightest
gesture opens realms of articulated thought, and what was unravelled
appears part and parcel, once again, of the unravelling earth.


jennifer's snow

a frequent blizzard a warning blizzard is warning issued is when issued
sustained when wind sustained speeds wind or speeds frequent or gusts
and/or of gusts over of 35 over mph 35 are mph expected or with expected
considerable with falling considerable and/or falling blowing and with
blowing drifting and snow. drifting visibilities snow. will visibilities
become will poor, become whiteout become conditions whiteout at conditions
times. at those times. become venturing those outdoors. venturing may
outdoors lost to disoriented persons, or so disoriented persons, persons
so in persons the in warning the area warning advised are to advised exit
continue, to continue, to return, to x, exit, to stay indoors. indoors.
stay any discouraged. travel any strongly is discouraged. and strongly


my new friends

  6 04:29:24 [201]:  name=rpm, gid=37
 6 04:29:25 [202]:  name=rpm, age=37, gid=37,
  6 04:29:29 [210]:  name=floppy, gid=19
  6 04:29:29 [211]:  name=vcsa, gid=69
 6 04:29:29 [211]:  name=vcsa, age=69, gid=69,
  6 04:30:14 [254]:  name=utmp, gid=22
  6 04:31:50 [572]:  name=nscd, gid=28
 6 04:31:50 [572]:  name=nscd, age=28, gid=28,
  6 04:32:57 [589]:  name=slocate, gid=21
  6 04:33:08 [594]:  name=sshd, gid=74
 6 04:33:08 [594]:  name=sshd, age=74, gid=74,
  6 04:33:09 [599]:  name=rpc, gid=32
 6 04:33:09 [600]:  name=rpc, age=32, gid=32,
  6 04:33:09 [602]:  name=rpcuser, gid=29
 6 04:33:09 [602]:  name=rpcuser, age=29, gid=29,
  6 04:33:10 [606]:  name=nfsnobody, gid=65534
 6 04:33:10 [606]:  name=nfsnobody, age=65534,
  6 04:33:13 [611]:  name=mailnull, gid=47
 6 04:33:13 [611]:  name=mailnull, age=47, gid=47,
  6 04:33:13 [612]:  name=smmsp, gid=51
 6 04:33:13 [612]:  name=smmsp, age=51, gid=51,
 6 04:33:21 [632]:  name=pcap, gid=77
 6 04:33:21 [633]:  name=pcap, age=77, gid=77,
  6 04:35:34 [1164]:  name=xfs, gid=43
 6 04:35:34 [1164]:  name=xfs, age=43, gid=43,
  6 04:37:20 [1249]:  name=ntp, gid=38
 6 04:37:20 [1250]:  name=ntp, age=38, gid=38,
  6 04:48:23 [1641]:  name=gdm, gid=42
 6 04:48:23 [1641]:  name=gdm, age=42, gid=42,
  6 04:54:08 [2004]:  name=canna, gid=39
 6 04:54:08 [2004]:  name=canna, age=39, gid=39,
  6 04:58:26 adduser[2100]:  name=desktop, gid=80
 6 04:58:26 adduser[2100]:  name=desktop, age=80, gid=80,

 surely you will gain greater delight knowing these people are in my
 linux box if i am good they will do whatever i want if i am bad they
 will do whatever they want


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