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xPress(ed) - new titles - Fall 2003

Twenty new titles:

gregory vincent st. thomasino: Go Mirrored
ISBN 951-9198-37-7, 30 pages

bill allegrezza: temporal nomads
ISBN 951-9198-34-2, 32 pages

ric carfagna: null set
ISBN 951-9198-40-7, 39 pages

ric carfagna: dakota journal
ISBN 951-9198-41-5, 16 pages

andrew lundwall: eye pharmacy
ISBN 951-9198-27-X, 29 pages

francis raven: some scenes of some life
ISBN 951-9198-31-8, 16 pages

donna kuhn: red plastic mystic fish
ISBN 951-9198-26-1, 27 pages

chris pusateri: berserker alphabetics
ISBN 951-9198-30-X, 72 pages

christophe casamassima: p s s t c a r d s
ISBN 951-9198-35-0, 59 pages

joel chace: itsstory
ISBN 951-9198-39-3, 31 pages

jeff harrison: LOOT
ISBN 951-9198-36-9, 61 pages

august highland: crash the silence #0001
ISBN 951-9198-25-3, 12 pages

halvard johnson: G(e)nome
ISBN 951-9198-38-5, 18 pages

andrew penland: drunk on clover & dreaming of earth
ISBN 951-9198-29-6, 34 pages

rob mclennan: the true eventual story of buffalo bill
ISBN 951-9198-28-8, 28 pages

michael scharf: nine sonnets for late 90s literary culture
ISBN 951-9198-18-0, 15 pages

alan sondheim: cancer
ISBN 951-9198-42-3, 85 pages

eileen tabios: there, where the pages would end
ISBN 951-9198-33-4, 93 pages

sheila e.murphy: a motion come to silk
ISBN 951-9198-44-X, 27 pages

john byrum: state
ISBN 951-9198-43-1, HTML

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