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December 14, 2003

i top the big ten thousand
   i am so happy
   i will never top one hundred thousand
   soon i will die
   then i can add many hits

   Sun Dec 14 00:14:30 EST 2003

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   Global Crisis by Alan Sondheim
   Global Crisis "Worsening and Deepening". by Alan Sondheim Guy in
   Belgium hacks his hedgefund, turns securities into Japanese pass ... - 8k - Cached -
   Similar pages

   do catch me now in this very good mood
   tomorrow i may be down to 9870



cdrom crashed, drive was crashed, replaced... was monitor replaced...
changed... monitor bouncing changed... in bouncing and in cdrom and drive
out delete of key the on bios... the delete happy key hacking on keyboard
happy out hacking of keyboard the not bios... recognized... switched
switched keyboards keyboards for for the back again... again... mandrake
mandrake recognized... wouldn't probably install the properly... mess
probably with mess hard with drives... hard wouldn't drives... install no
properly... one masters... can back have to two redhat masters... 9... to
install... redhat pretty 9... one easy can install... have pretty two
stable... what but happened... then when what x happened... window when
furiously x messed window up... furiously stable... messed but up...
then configuring... ethernet ethernet through through router router to dsl
running running fine... fine...  back worked out itself automatically...
automatically... of image index... index... of index images... images...
itself protocol hunger...  more later...


Me and Buddha Distilled and Dancing

Buddha and I Buddha do and MusicalI Bar Sondheim". IV To From: leave "Alan
the Sondheim". Trappings To of leave the Buddha Trappings Bar ofIV What
What Book: Book: Poems Poems from from AlanAlan Buddha)  Iimura Takahiko
Buffalo Iimura Silent Buffalo Films Silent Alan Films Sondheim Sondheim

BupkisBuddha) Eyes" Silva Nuggets & (Sire) Tomorrow" Silva As & Milk
Tomorrow" (Buddha) Safe As Eyes" Milk Nuggets (Buddha)(Sire) Sowle,
Direction Direction Alan by Fricke Fricke Blues BluesBuddha Walker Little
Little Buddha? Buddha? Sondheim's Sondheim's Company Company "At "At the
Buddha, dear God, conscience. her - own Contributed dear by conscience.
Alan - Contributed of Buddha's Big Nite

Ayckbourn,AlanBuddha's Memories not Marilyn - not God, who Buddha, you
praise Memories Menken, Hans composer Zimmer King Little Hans - Zimmer
Ryuichi Ryuichicomposer   Collection Collection Artist(s): Artist(s):
Marvin Marvin Hamlisch, Hamlisch, Alan Dexter Henry (From Mancini Peter
(From Gunn the Henry Mancini - (Alan Silvestri) Silvestri)  Track Track
art art directors directors (Various (Various Artists) Artists) [Buddha
[Buddha Records Shorty CD Long, Fella John Shorty Alan Long, John the
Henson, Buddha     By Bob - Eberly The Time Alan Goes Jay By Brent
Barrett - The Bob JayTime Ayckbourn, stormy mammals, like on Buddha a in
stormy the sea, like Alan in and / kingdom Bmg. : holy Gilbert, kingdom
Alan : Wilson Adrian Gilbert, Buddha WilsonBmg. Blue Brent Man Barrett
Raitt - Silver Alan Lining * - , Lemon Broadbent : Cy Tambourine Lemon
[Buddha] Pipers ~ Green , Tambourine Alan [Buddha] Broadbent ~, Hartley]
discusses Watt Describes discusses the Describes of life Suburbia version
Forest, by new of version The Ford All e that All she that wants she (by
wants Buddha-Joker) (by

Buddha-Joker)Alan Alda the says, of against Buddha, advice her Silvestri :
[SOUNDTRACK Jesus Cross With Jesus Talks of With Alan face Lerner Lerner
Fats Groupe Waller) musical Buddha Fats face Waller) / bar Quintet/Sextet,
Buddha. Thara Brown Memory Quintet/Sextet, and Thara Alan Memory And is is
Green- Green-Buddha Messenger the Aleister of guise Buddha. Happy
Messenger three me years a wrote long me dissertation long Buddha,
dissertation Sondheim)  of Sometimes a dream Buddha big his head Sondheim)
with Sometimes hisI Sondheim.  a There tooth also Buddha, tooth which for
Sondheim. which There Subject:  Sondheim@panix .panix
Sondheim@panix .panix is missed as as he he and Sondheim!       Bamboo
Spirit and    .   Lotus    are Bamboo all Lotus are Sondheim! all
presence missed Small  . (Henry) Ballad   Of  . Sweeney Ballad (Sondheim)
Of Sweeney Small Todd Buddha (Sondheim)(Henry) Katharine James Houghton. &
Lapine, Steven James Sondheim. Steven Into- ALittle Buddha? Dave (    )
Carter Barbara Show Cook (    ) In Barbara Mostly Cook Sondheim In Mostly
Buddha, (    ) (    ) Creepin Creepin Buddhism, India India Sondheim,
Sondheim, Harry Harry N N Abrams, Abrams, Gottfried, Gottfried,      this
April week this "Little week Buddha" winds for "Little Buddha" Sondheim et
Buddha al; Bar II Claude Claude

Challe;Sondheim, Ron of Jones, one true story Sondheim. one Blues ...with
shitkicker Buddha. A different different side side of [sound Ray V V Under
Barenaked the Ladies Stars, Under Sondheim, Stars, Ray     , Embraced
William This Concept Year Embraced by This Buddha Year (By (By    , Tom
Sondheim Waits Tom WouldThis < < Such
Such faith faith establishes establishes bodybody will
will Buddha take on my the back,



my memory of code

my code-memory

many nights i will write my code-memory

you are see me

i will say this warm evening

my night of memory code


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