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i write poems. the poets do not like me. they do not like my music and
videos. they do not read my poems. the musicians do not like my poems and
videos. they do not like my photographs. i am perfect. my work is perfect.
i do not make a mistake. i am a swollen tumor. i have many works. you can
see all my works. you must ask to see my work. i will read a work for you.
i will read this work. i will show you an image. it will be a perfect
image. i will send a wireless image. wireless is an old name for wireless.
when i was young i would listen to the wireless. sometimes i would love
the wireless shows. i would listen to the static and crackle. my work has
no static and crackle. my work is perfect. everything in my work belongs
in my work. i do not make mistakes. if you want to know who killed
nietzsche look at nijinsky. if you want to know who killed nijinsky look
at nietzsche. the stove setter of nijinsky was the errand boy of
nietzsche. the errand boy of nietzsche was the stove setter of nijinsky.
he was the killer who developed the contusion method. the contusion method
set slow in nietzsche set slow in nijinsky. nietzsche-nijinsky. romola
heard the stove setter in 1919. the stove setter errand boy closed the
century. it is a good time to remember him. ecce homo was written by
nijinsky whose diaries were written by nietzsche. i can show you words. i
know what i am talking about. i will die for nijinsky. i will die for
nietzsche. you will know what i am talking about. my cat is looking at me.
all animals feel emotion directly. my cat has a great bandwidth of
emotion. my cat has five percent of a million years. her brain is smaller
than her ancestors. she is falling asleep. she does not need all her
brain. the remainder has gone into spirit. nijinsky said i am god.
nijinsky talks to me. nijinsky has gone into my cat. the stove setter was
here today. the stove setter fixed our walls. our walls leaked rain. the
stove setter has gone away.


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