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    moaning, nietzsche's
quote by nietzsche, from his notebooks    There is no  form  in nature,
child I used to do errands for Mr. nietzsche? I carried his rucksack when
wheel which returns, qua nietzsche, only within an inconceivable future,
science  no matter what warnings came from nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc.
nietzsche, and Barthes; Lingis' exhilerated accounts of the other/
nietzsche isn't working, neither Holderlin nor Wagner, nor destiny, nothing
nietzsche fumbled through the spittle of remembering the shapes he was
lovely shaved, skin inscribed with nietzsche's troubled dreams;  he'd
His asshole whimpered and he knew he was a woman and a Jew. nietzsche
nietzsche fumbles with the children, dumb! dumb! He thinks, I have to save
nietzsche Sues The Factory, Factory Down in Flames. That Will Teach them!
nietzsche thinks he spells his name. He WORRIES the children. HE WANTS TO
 Whenever he rants, nietzsche is no doubt really original. On such occa
nietzsche and Karl Kraus  hmmm... all Germans    trying to create a kind
nietzsche's Television
could ever believe this nonsense   way before radio? Against nietzsche
 anything at all.  Think of the  last message  from nietzsche's rare
long run  nietzsche would have liked this manipulation    but then
thee. Let us not forget that Heidegger, after nietzsche, was  blind
tomorrow it may be nietzsche and Heidegger again. Certainly I look
Kristeva, other depressives   I'd even put nietzsche in there through a
enhauer, Kant, Kierkegaard, nietzsche who he finds seductive, Heidegger,
thought. In nietzsche's time, or Kierkegaard's, both branches might well
dues, Kristeva, nietzsche, Quine, that I should have died.  Ruining my
 nietzsche, Ecce Homo.
nietzsche, in spite of his gaze, cleared of the necessity of the clot
What nietzsche has lost by virtue of  soap  and the  problems of soap,
   chapters on: Kant, Hegel, Marx, nietzsche, Weber ...
   and chapters on: Kant, Hegel, Marx, nietzsche,
   Hegel, Marx, nietzsche, Weber, Freud,
with nietzsche, Bataille, Jabes, and others, for whom the fragment is
Diogenes, nietzsche hobbles along, also hobbled by Christianity as well.
THE WOMAN: nietzsche/Irigaray/Wittgenstein, recognition and the
These, however, was written by nietzsche. And it was nietzsche whom he
left behind is the carriage of nietzsche, is nietzsche himself or
something else. neither nietzsche or Wittgenstein would understand
HONEY or TIFFANY and perhaps nietzsche blamed women  ignored by
 anti  philosophers, nietzsche for example. Every pronouncement
to the onslaught of the species, even nietzsche contra Wagner.
Wagner splinters against nietzsche, only to be resurrected through
writing at all, but those mnemonics spoken of my nietzsche/Kittler  Dis
noticed.    Kittle op. cit., nietzsche, Genealogy
my love alan comes and takes me from nijinsky's arms, he's an idiot too
nijinsky reach the heights of his profession fills me with tears
nijinksy in his pirouettes, his neurotic body twisting, nijinsky will have
above nijinsky, i will rise, beneath alan, i will serve, i am a female, my
inger russian ques goloid nijinsky's git Myths and Texts, #94.
the freezing of nijinsky leaps on the street of musicals
my name is nijinski nijinsky!
my name is nijinsky nijinski!
 that fellow nijinski nijinsky!  they say  ping
 that fellow nijinsky nijinski!   ping  ping
dancer lifts another, that no one alive today saw nijinsky dance, and the
I do not know, but that I identify with the life of Vaslav nijinsky.
It is so silent that it is not a language of its own. nijinsky opens
taken away, just like Mr. nijinsky does now.
 Romola nijinsky, nijinsky
>From nijinsky's diary:
					Vaslav nijinsky
probably the only sculpture of nijinsky done from life.
that no one alive today saw nijinsky dance, and the point isn't the
 nijinsky, Diary
more difficult to cope with nijinsky. He was more silent and irritable
6   Hungry dancers   the ninubaski Master   nijinsky, nureyev, Baryshni
  apres tous nijinsky


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