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in order to use an infrared keyboard with the zaurus linux pda, i had to
download an ipk driver file. i tried to install with ipkg and kept getting
error messages. call the file foo.ipk. so i gzipped foo.ipk producing
foo.ipk.gz. i then changed the name to foo.ipk. then i installed with ipkg
without the error. ipkg was foo-led with the hidden .gz. ipkg didn't
realize that the file in the first place didn't need zipping and
unzipping. ipkg would bow out because it couldn't unzip. it couldn't unzip
because foo.ipk in the first place wasn't zipped. after it was zipped,
ipkg could then unzip. once unzipped ipkg could then continue the

there is a message here about the phenomenology of protocols. i prefer to
look at it as a trick i learned to do. i learned to foo-l ipkg. i swelled
with pride at my accomplishment.


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